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The first clues to a new installment in EA Sports UFC recently came to light. Fans of the sports series were expecting the reveal of EA Sports UFC 4 at EA Play 2020, but it didn’t happen.

Electronic Arts did not offer details about this project, so fans doubted its existence. However, this changed today as EA Sports UFC 4 was revealed to be real and to be unveiled soon.

If you are a fan of the mixed martial arts circuit, you should know that the presentation of the title will take place in a few weeks, since it will be at the beginning of next month.

Where and when will EA Sports UFC 4 be revealed?

The EA Sports UFC 4 release date was revealed thanks to an official poster for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It announces plans for one of the most anticipated events in sport.

We are referring to UFC 251, which will offer exciting matchups for fans of mixed martial arts. At the bottom of the poster is the EA Sports UFC 4 logo and it is mentioned that its reveal will be at UFC 251.

The event will start on July 11, the day that players will probably see the first trailer for EA Sports UFC 4. It is important to mention that the information comes from the UFC and that EA has not said anything about it so far.

Despite this, it makes sense to reveal the game at such an event relevant to the UFC community. Below you can see the official poster for UFC 251.

For now there is no detail on EA Sports UFC 4. Fans of the franchise estimate that it will come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, probably this year. Players are also looking forward to seeing it with various enhancements on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

There is nothing confirmed, so we will have to wait for the official details. In the meantime, here is more information on EA Sports UFC games.