EA Sports adds on-screen controls in FIFA 21

The patches keep coming out for FIFA 21. EA Sports does not cease in its efforts to tweak all the game modes of its best-known title. A few days ago we had an update and We can now download a new one, in this case number 11.

It happens as on the previous occasion. If you are thinking of adapting to the game again, do not worry. For now, this new patch does not touch the gameplay either. Hence there will be no skill nerfs or other changes that often annoy players.

There are changes to the main game modes such as FIFA Ultimate Team, Volta or Career. Cosmetic items are changed: updates of kits, shields or the portraits of some players on their cards. But no gameplay.

But the most important thing is the inclusion of on-screen controls. If this option is activated, we will see a representation of the command in the upper right corner, where the buttons we press will appear. It can be used to create tutorials or to follow the game of a professional streamer or gamer to the letter.

It also serves to check if the actions we send are accurately replicated in the EA Sports data center. It can be configured to show only local controls or a combination of actions received by EA Sports servers.

For the moment, FIFA 21 Title Update # 11 is only on PC. It will be released on consoles in the next few hours. Sometimes it takes several days and at other times we have had it within a few hours. EA Sports does not usually give advance notice.

Here are the full FIFA 21 Title Update # 11 patch notes:

FIFA Ultimate Team

The following bugs have been fixed:

When a previously locked group of objectives was unlocked, it could continue to be locked until the player exited and re-entered FUT.
FUT Coin Skill Reward calculations at the end of a Squad Battles match were not displaying correctly.

This error was only visual and did not affect the calculation.

After viewing the Captain Squad in a co-op lobby, the player models in the background could remain on screen even when navigating through other menus.
In some cases, the search filters on the Transfer Stadium tab displayed temporary text.
Sometimes the Stadium menu could filter article searches by ball articles rather than the correct article category.
In some situations, the public flags incorrectly displayed a temporary shield.
Fixed a typo that was in a goal song article.

Career mode

The following bug has been fixed:

Qualifying for the Asian Continental Cup was not working properly.

Volta Football

The following bug has been fixed:

In squad management, the player chemistry interface element present in avatars was not displaying the correct value.

This error was only visual and did not affect the chemistry calculation.

FIFA Online

The following bugs have been fixed:

When accessing the Privacy Settings screen from the main menu, the title could keep loading indefinitely.
Soccer Aid equipment was available to misuse in Online Seasons.

General, sound and visual

The following changes have been made:

The Controls Image option has been added to the Visual tab found in Game Settings.

When activated, the controls image displays a graphic on screen allowing players to see which controls are used in the game and how they are processed in online matches.
The image of the controls can be configured in three different ways:

Controls Only – 1 controller graphic is displayed on screen showing controls during matches.
Controls only + online feedback: 2 on-screen dash graphics are displayed showing both local controls and controls processed by a FIFA game data center.
Off: Controls image is off.

For more information on the Image of Controls, visit EA Help.

Some 2D kits, announcements, balls, boots, flags, badges and portraits have been updated.
8 Star Faces and 3 Legacy Star Faces have been added.

The following bugs have been fixed:

Skill games were not displaying the correct instructions when played with custom control settings.