EA: our teams will be a world power in racing games

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Codemasters forged its way into the industry over the years and many of its games suggested that the only thing missing was the injection of more capital and available budget to be able to stand face to face with racing game titans like Gran Turismo and Forza. Just when it was thought that the occasion would come thanks to Take-two, the reality was different because Electronic Arts offered more money and today the purchase of the European company was completed, a fact that was celebrated by Andrew Wilson and that promises great things.

EA and Codemasters promise to become a racing game powerhouse

After a quick process, the purchase operation between EA and Codemasters became official today, with which the company specialized in racing games is already part of the portfolio of the North American video game company, which has made us think about the possibilities there will be for new projects. In that sense, the first to celebrate the event was Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, who through a press release highlighted the arrival of Codemasters and ventured to say that they will be a power in the industry: “the fanaticism of the Racing continues to grow around the world, and the franchises in our joint portfolio will allow us to create new and innovative experiences, as well as attract more players to the excitement of cars and motorsports. Our teams will be a global powerhouse in racing entertainment. races, with incredible titles for players on all platforms, and we can’t wait to get started. “

For his part, Frank Sagnier, CEO of Codemasters, did the same and highlighted the opportunities that the company now has to make more and better games: “this day marks a milestone in the history of Codemasters and is an exciting day for our employees. and players. Partnering with EA will allow our teams to take our highly acclaimed franchises to new heights and reach a large global audience through their network of players. Together we can redefine the racing title landscape to create even more engaging experiences for motorsport fans around the world. “

In this way, the offer of EA racing titles goes from only having Need for Speed ​​and Burnout to adding franchises such as DIRT, DiRT Rally, GRID and Project CARS, although it is known that the jewel in the crown is the agreement it has Codemasters with Formula 1 to make the official video game year after year, the same that will now be done under the shelter of EA.

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