We recently saw how EA began making small changes to its services with the renaming of EA Access and Origin Play under the single EA Play umbrella, centralizing both PC and console subscriptions under one brand. However, it seems that the developer wants to carry out an even deeper renovation before the arrival of the new generation, with eComplete change and removal of EA Origin, your current desktop application, which will be replaced by EA Desktop.

As stated by the company itself in interviews with GamesIndustry and VentureBeat, this change aims to “create a more friction-free, faster and socially oriented experience for our players, where it becomes the best place for them to be. connect with the people you love. to play in the games they want to play.

Although this time it will not only be the name of EA Origin that will change, but the new EA Desktop also promises various UI updates, better patching experience, and streamlined navigation, with an application that will offer faster updates and downloads, more direct access to games, and expanded cross-play features. On the other hand, some improvements in privacy and parental control will also be added, with the inclusion of new game time controls that will allow parents to monitor and set how long their children can play each day.

While EA Desktop would remain the only gaming platform for PCIn addition to the ones purchased, the EA Play subscription games will also be added, currently available on Steam and soon included in the Xbox Game Pass, simplifying and combining this service between all platforms.

In fact, it seems that this new beta version of this client is already ready to be tested, having already announced that all players with an EA Origin account you can register now to try the new EA Desktop application. To do this, we will only have to make a small registration through the EA website, and wait for the company to start sending its invitations.

Also note that, unlike the random model that we usually see in this type of test, it seems that EA has decided to assign access to this beta on a first-come, first-served basis, so we recommend that you register as soon as possible.