The so-called EA Play Live 2020 (annual event in which Electronics Arts announces all its news) left us with an unexpected headline. The American developer and distributor confirmed the arrival of no more and no less than 7 titles on the Nintendo Switch over the next 12 months. We already know some, like Apex Legends, others, like Lost in Random, have just been released …

And is that Zoink Games and EA have announced Lost in Random. A colorful action-adventure title with a strong Gothic aesthetic and fairy tales as the main source of inspiration. The game in question, which includes Nintendo Switch As one of its launch pads, it has a launch window scheduled for 2021. Next, we leave you with its trailer official, as well as a brief description:

Welcome to the world of Random, a dark kingdom where the future of every citizen is determined by the roll of a dice. Will your destiny defeat you or will you embrace chaos and learn to make it work in your favor? Embark on a journey with Even and partner Dicey to squeeze your odds and break Random’s curse in this brand new IP set in twisted dystopia.

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