E-Sports : 5 Spaniards classified for the European TFT 2021: Snoody, Dalesom, T4nPoP, Safo and Neo 2

The Spanish TFT community, one of the largest in Europe in terms of streaming numbers and number of players at the top of the Challenger rankings, is in luck after the last screenshot of Riot Games points.

Over the past few weeks, there have been many players from the Spanish community fighting to sneak between the 40 seats by EUW that were available for the European, and in the end there have been 5 Spanish players who have gotten inside.

The 5 Spanish players classified

The cutoff to qualify ranged from 120 circuit points, and there were cases like Bogsu’s who, yesterday, was about to do the machado and also get in, but he was a few points away from the miracle.

Despite this, we will have these 5 professional TFT players competing in the European; a tournament that brings together 64 best players in Europe (40 EUW, 10 EUNE, 4 CEI and 10 TR) and who will send 6 players to the World Cup.

How does the European TFT work?

The European TFT will start with a first round that will be held over two days. On both days, 6 rounds will be played without a restart between them, which will make the most regular ones shine in the European. Players they will be able to stream their games.

The final position in each of the rounds will give points and they will join in a European classification, and those who finish in the upper part (top 4) will advance to the next round, so that contenders will be eliminated as they pass.

In total 16 players will qualify for the 2nd round, which will start the next March 13. In this, there will be 2 lobby of 8 players each, and the system will be similar: the top 8, 4 from each lobby, will advance to the final day.

On March 14, the final day will be played, which will give place to the World Cup to 6 of the 8 finalists, and the cash prizes will also be distributed according to the final classification of each player:

Spaniards have many chances to qualify for the World Cup, And it is that in 2020 we had the presence of T4nPoP and this year could be even better. To see all the qualifier information, visit this link.

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