Dyson Airwrap in a custom premium case

The most advanced of the curling irons can be purchased in a package that includes two engraved initials.

The Dyson Airwrap is well known, a multifaceted beauty tool: using a handle and different accessories, it is capable of drying, curling, straightening, volumizing, waving, shaping … Some of these functions may seem similar, but the hairdresser know that it is not like that.

It is a molder (to reduce its description) that works, fundamentally, with high pressure air flow instead of heat at a high level. And it is that the technological component that it houses is of its own level of products of very high qualification and innovation. In fact, it relies on aerodynamics for much of its operation, which can be synthesized in the phenomenon that happens when a high-speed jet of air meets a curved surface: instead of bouncing, the air is wrapped around the curve. .

Airwrap’s main element features six grooves that release air evenly, creating a vortex that causes hair to wrap around it. Considering that such an air flow has a very powerful power, it is not necessary to resort to a high temperature. Airwrap never gets hotter than 150 degrees; A built-in thermometer checks the temperature 40 times per second and prevents it from exceeding this register in order to protect the hair from overexposure of heat that could obviously damage it. But Airwrap is also capable of releasing cool air – you just have to press a button to do this. And this cold air is the final and definitive touch for the curl or wave to acquire a professional presence.

Try it at The Beauty Lab

The recently opened Dyson store in Barcelona (La Maquinista Shopping Center) includes the so-called Beauty Lab. It is a beauty salon with all the letters, specialized in both providing an exultant appearance to its visitors and specialized in hair health. The expert hands of qualified professionals and Dyson products take care of it.

The focus is on diagnosis and personalized advice so that they can choose the perfect tools for each hair type and style. In addition, all customers can interact with Dsyon, Airwrap products with each other.

Custom premium case

Those who decide to purchase the Dyson Airwrap shaper have the option of customizing the box that houses it. In itself it is a high quality case, with a leather finish. But, in addition, Dyson proposes the option of printing with professional quality the initials that the user chooses on the box and thus give it a touch that is as personal as it is exclusive.

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