Dwyane Wade and the unexpected proposal of the hand of which he has been the protagonist

A walk along the beach to disconnect on multiple occasions allows us to live moments that we would not have otherwise experienced, although in the case of Dwyane Wade it has exceeded unimaginable limits. The former player of the Miami Heat of the NBA has been the unexpected protagonist of the last hours after ‘getting’ in the middle of a proposal that was taking place on the beach where he had gone for a walk.

The Miami Heat legend decided to take a ride

More like a Hollywood movie than real life, Wade was walking calmly along the frequented beach of Rosewood, in California, when -according to the images-, he crosses two young men on the road that they are living one of those moments that they will remember forever. In this case they will do it not only to commit themselves but also because one of the best players in the history of the NBA sneaked into their images.

In the snapshots, immortalized by the imaging team that the couple had hired, you can see how Wade realizes what is happening and decides to put his hand to his heart, seeing the emotion on his face that this moment had given him. The couple soon recognized the former player, with an orange sweatshirt and cap, and immediately decided to take a fun photo with him when they all appeared with a clear smile.

I didn’t expect to end up being invited to a wedding

The emotional of the moment and the singular reached such a point that even Dwyane Wade himself decided to share the publication of that moment on his Instagram stories, also dedicating some nice words: “It was great to witness your love,” read his public message. However, there was also another who sent them privately: “That your marriage works, now it is in my conscience”, was Wade’s request before the invitation that they told him that they were going to send him for the wedding.

Undoubtedly one of those stories that can only occur in the United States, because it is more typical of an American film than of a real event as such. In this way, Dwyane Wade’s walk of disconnection has been solved with a few photos, a few posts in networks and an invitation to a wedding; It would be necessary to see how he got home and communicated this news to his family …