Dwayne Johnson refuses to give his title as the Sexiest Man

Dwayne Johnson refuses to give his title as the Most Attractive Man (AP)

Dwayne Johnson Refuses to Give His Title as the Sexiest Man | AP

The famous American actor and professional wrestler, Dwayne johnson, refuses to give up his title as the “World’s Sexiest Man” to the actor Michael B. JordanWell, as you may recall, Jordan was chosen by People magazine this year.

Michael B. Jordan was chosen by the famous People magazine as the sexiest man of this year, however, Dwayne Johnson does not want to end his reign.

And it is that obtaining the title at Most S3xy Man on the part of People magazine is not just anything and year after year several actors manage to win the crown thanks to their physical attractiveness and important influence in Hollywood.

This is how for this year 2020 the award stays with Michael B. Jordan, famous for his appearances in films such as “Creed: Champion’s Heart”, and “Black Panther”.

However, although he is the winner of the new edition, Dwayne Johnson refuses to give up what at one time was his and through a recent publication on his official Instagram account, the star of “Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw “makes it clear that he continues to hold the honor bestowed by People.

As you remember, Dwayne johnson He won the title of Sexiest Man in the World according to People in 2016, since then he has dedicated himself to congratulating the new winners, but not giving up his position.

On the other hand, Michael B. Jordan has positioned himself very well this 2020 thanks to his ascending career and his commitment to physical work, reflected in the roles that require great efforts in the field.

But not everything is rosy, since Dwayne does not want to leave his crown behind this year, and although through Instagram he congratulated Michael By his appointment, he specifies perfectly that he does not intend to give up his award and although it seems to be a joke, between jokes the truth appears.

I had a fun time talking about “living every day to the fullest” in People’s edition of the World’s Sexiest Man. Congratulations to my brother Michael B. Jordan on the new s3xy crown. I DON’T GRANT ANYTHING, “Dwayne wrote in his post.

While Johnson appeared in the recent issue of People, where he is named as the “S3xy Oldest Man in the World“and in the article he talked about what he considers to be living life to the fullest.

My favorite time of the day is before the sun comes up and our babies are still sleeping. I can do great productive work in my office and of course I love it when I get called on the baby monitors, then it’s breakfast time! when the babies are asleep it’s ‘Netflix & Chill’ time with Lauren and a glass of Teremana. I won’t say more before I get in trouble, “he commented.

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For his part, Michael B. Jordan gave People magazine a few words about what he thought when he learned of his appointment.

It should be mentioned that this title is being widely celebrated on social networks and the actor’s popularity has soared through the skies.

My name is Michael B. Jordan, and I am the sexiest man alive this year. What went through my head when I found out? It was a great feeling. Obviously, other people have made so many comments and jokes about this. “

“Every time you announce who the guy is, everyone has their comments and things they want to say about it. They always tease me like, ‘Mike, it’s the one thing you probably won’t get.’ And it was like, ‘Yeah, whatever. ‘and ignored it. It was a good feeling. It’s great. It’s a good club to be part of, “he added.

The truth is that many fans of Marvel Studios long for that Michael B. Jordan return to the saga as Eric Killmonger, however, it seems that the character has been left far behind and the actor is in search of new horizons.

Meanwhile, “Black Panther II” will feature the talent of Tenoch Huerta as the new villain, news that surprised Internet users a couple of days ago.

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