Dutch GP (Assen) MotoGP 2021: Schedules and where to watch for free

Timetables MotoGP Assen 2021

The rhythm does not stop and the MotoGP World Championship get us excited again this weekend. During June 25, 26 and 27, 2021 the Assen GP, in the Netherlands. It is one of the Grand Prix with the most expectation of the entire calendar, being known worldwide as “Cathedral”.

Assen is the only circuit that has hosted an event of the World Speed ​​Championship every year since its creation, which dates from the year 1949. Previously, races were held on public roads. The last major reform of Assen took place in 2010, retouching the first part of the route.

The Circuit of Assen It has 6 left and 12 right curves, as well as a total length of 4.5 kilometers. The longest straight is only 487 meters long, but that does not mean it is a slow circuit, as the average speed in the premier class is usually around 170 km / h, with top speeds exceeding 300.

Taking a look at the data, in the race the fastest lap is in the possession of Marc Márquez with a 1: 33,617 since 2015. Meanwhile, the highest top speed is held by the Italian Andrea Iannone, with 319.8 km / h, also in 2015.

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Timetables MotoGP Assen 2021

Circuit Assen schedules and how to see for free

Circuit Assen schedules and how to see for free

Friday June 18

Start End Session Category Start End Session Category 09:00 09:40 FP1 Moto3 09:55 10:40 FP1 MotoGP 10:55 11:35 FP1 Moto2 11:50 12:20 FP1 MotoE 13:15 13:55 FP2 Moto3 14: 10 14:55 FP2 MotoGP 15:10 15:50 FP2 Moto2 16:50 17:20 FP2 MotoE

Saturday June 19

Start End Session Category Start End Session Category 09:00 09:40 FP3 Moto3 09:55 10:40 FP3 MotoGP 10:55 11:35 FP3 Moto2 11:50 12:20 FP3 MotoE 12:35 12:50 Q1 Moto3 13: 00 13:15 Q2 Moto3 13:30 14:00 FP4 MotoGP 14:10 14:25 Q1 MotoGP 14:35 14:50 Q2 MotoGP 15:10 15:25 Q1 Moto2 15:35 15:50 Q2 Moto2 16:10 16 : 50 E-Pole MotoE

Sunday June 20

Start End Session Category Start End Session Category 08:40 09:00 Moto3 Warm Up 09:10 09:30 Moto2 Warm Up 09:40 10:00 MotoGP Warm Up 11:00 – Moto3 Race 12:20 – Moto2 Race 14:00 – MotoGP Race 15:30 – MotoE Race

Will Marc Márquez be able to once again demonstrate all the potential seen last weekend in Germany? Without a doubt, the HRC driver left us all impressed with that emotional victory. A strong morale boost after the complicated injury and the off-level months.

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