Dutch create the “world’s most versatile” drone, which flies on hydrogen

The Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands, developed a drone that uses hydrogen, flying for several hours.

Dutch researchers created the « world’s most versatile » drone, which flies on hydrogen.

It highlights the fact that it takes off and lands vertically, which makes it much more efficient. It also has a flight capacity of 3.5 hours.

Delft University of Technology created the drone, with the support of the Royal Netherlands Navy and the Coast Guard.

Bart Remes was the project manager. He points out that « the drone uses hydrogen plus a set of batteries to be able to fly horizontally and land vertically. »

The characteristics of the Dutch drone that uses hydrogen

The device weighs 13 kilograms and measures three meters, in addition to having 12 engines in total.

Among the characteristics of its sustainability stands out a hydrogen cylinder composed of carbon of 300 bar and 6.8 liters. The cylinder feeds low-pressure hydrogen into the 800-watt fuel cell, converting this into electricity.

Henri Werij is Dean of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft. He explains that « hydrogen is seen as one of the most important materials for green and sustainable aviation. »

The Dutch tested the drone to travel to a ship in the open sea.

« It is a real technical advance that has a huge future, » said Commander Pieter Blank of the Royal Netherlands Navy.

For more information about the Dutch drone, you can consult the university press release in this link.