The cancellation of the Dutch Championship is already causing negative repercussions. After UEFA authorized the end of European competitions, the country was the first to announce the closure of its activities, without decreeing a champion or demoted teams. As a result, clubs have spoken out against the decision and some will even file lawsuits.

O FC Utrecht, of the first division, is preparing a lawsuit against the Royal Netherlands Football Association, entity that organizes the national, due to the decision to put an end to the tournament and to organize places for the next European competitions based on the current classification. The team was in 6th position until the stoppage due to the new coronavirus.

FC Utrecht.

Photo: Playback / Twitter / Estadão

The team will not be alone in the courts against the organization responsible for the Dutch Championship. The entity’s decision also says that there will be no relegation or promotion of the B series teams to the country’s soccer elite. A pioneer in the cancellation of high-profile tournaments in Europe, the Netherlands can still be followed by neighboring Belgium in suspending national competitions.

Frans van Seumeren, owner of FC Utrecht, said in an interview with the club’s own broadcaster that “the team will use all the lawyers it can” to successfully reverse the controversial decision.

When the competition was suspended, FC Utrecht was only three points behind 5th place Willem II, who occupied the last spot in the Europa League. However, van Seumeren’s club has a game less and takes the better in the goal difference in relation to the rival, besides being also in the final of the KNVB Cup.

“It is unacceptable for FC Utrecht that the cup competition, which was not played by a game, is completely ignored and does not count in the consideration of which club is entitled to a European spot for sporting reasons,” said another excerpt from the statement.

Cambuur Leeuwarden, leader of the second national division, is another team that came out to publicly declare their dissatisfaction. “This seems very unfair, said one of the team’s directors. AZ Alkmaar, second and behind Ajax only by goal difference, also showed disagreement with the decision. Both were tied with 56 points.