Former interim UFC lightweight champion Dustin Poirier is slated to face Dan hooker in the UFC San Diego star.

Himself, with the pandemic of coronavirus, is the reason that Poirier believes that the billboard in San Diego will not be performed.

“I do not think so. Not really”, said Poirier to Ariel Helwani from ESPN. “I don’t have that feeling. Honestly, there is no way to properly prepare. I can not enter. I have my own personal gym here in Louisana, I can get in and I have another friend, two friends that I train with here, who also distance themselves socially, so I hope they are not. Bringing the mushroom between us in our gym, but other than that, am I there hitting the bags and rolling around with those guys or am I at home. So I can’t, I can jog and so on, I can get in shape, but to be prepared for a fight of the highest level, I can’t. Neither is my opponent doing it. I don’t know if I can’t train. Then maybe May, so we’ll see. “

Three billboard UFC have already been delayed by the coronavirus, UFC London, UFC Columbus Y UFC Portland.

Poirier He also indicated that it will be difficult to train for the fight due to the limitations imposed by the coronavirus.

“So even if I were going to Florida right now. Who will be in the gym training? Said Poirier. “I spoke to Mike Brown and he said they are making a teammate and a coach at the same time, so you have to plan ahead and only for people with scheduled fights.”

“So the gym, by law, cannot be used as it was done before. They tell me to get ready. That is the only information I know. They told me that if it happens on May 16, it will be in another city in the United States. ”

It is expected that UFC San Diego will be held on May 16 at the Pechanga Arena in San Diego, California.