Dustin Johnson’s miracle diet to win

The brand new Augusta Masters champion, Dustin Johnson, he has a careful diet designed by a chef who accompanies him on his travels and pays special attention to hydration, since he loses several liters in each session. In addition, he does not spare hours in the gym, an effort he makes for both the physical and mental benefits. A work of years that has just obtained the expected result: Jonhson just donned the green jacket with a historical card of -20, the best in the history of the tournament.

The idea that golfers don’t need to pay attention to their fitness has long been banished. For years, professional golf has combined work on the field with strength sessions specifically designed for this sport, with physical exercise being of utmost importance. Dustin Johnson is a clear example of it. The brand new champion of the Augusta Masters is a very athletic person who meticulously take care of your diet and what do you use much of his time working his bodyboth in the gym and on the golf course.

“For me, exercising is as much about the mental aspect as it is about the physical benefits. Working hard in the gym gives me the confidence that when I am in the field, even if it has been a long day, I can know that I will feel the same when I finish as when I started, “explained Johnson himself, months ago for the publication Golf.

He trains six days a week and even on his day off he does about 30 minutes of cycling or a cardio session. On a competition day, combine practice with the gym. «It all depends on my departure times, but I will usually be in the gym two hours before I start. I’ll do a 20 minute warm-up and then train whatever muscle groups we’re focused on that day. If I have a departure time in the afternoon, I will train in the morning, but I will still go two hours before playing and do another warm-up, just to relax my body and be ready to go. Then I’ll stretch, ”explains Dustin.

Five balanced meals and plenty of hydration

The 36-year-old American golfer occasionally travels with his own chef. Your diet is based on 5 perfectly balanced meals a day. Each meal must be calibrated to contain exactly 60% protein, 20% fat and 20% carbohydrates. And is that as many hours as he spends in the gym and on the field, he can reach burn between 4,000 and 6,000 calories per day.

Another aspect that he meticulously cares for is hydration. According to his coach, Joey Diovisalvi, “If you’re thirsty, it’s too late.” The American loses several liters in each session so hydration is essential and resorts to alkaline waters such as Body Armor. Refined sugars are not allowed in your diet either.