Dungreed is a 2D action game developed by the South Koreans from Team Horay and distributed by Nicalis who, after passing with some success on platforms such as Steam, and announced already last year your arrival at Nintendo Switch in Japan, now confirms its landing in the catalog of the hybrid console for the September 24, 2020. The game will come to eShop from most regions of the console and will also have a physical version only for Japan, as announced Pikii, your distributor in the Japanese country. Dungreed It will also be published on Playstation 4.

In Dungreed we will put ourselves in the shoes of an adventurer who must face the endless dangers of a dungeon that has appeared in the middle of the town and that has absorbed all its inhabitants. The game has touches of adventure rogue-lite as there are no save points during dungeon raids. Once the hero dies, all your objects are lost and he has to go back to town.

However, there are several ways to grow the character, improve your skills and manage to overcome the dangers as you enter the levels of the dungeon. The game features a training system that will improve the adventurer as well as a whole series of weapons, magic items and even food that will help the hero to advance further in the adventure.

Maps in Dungreed They include different environments such as jungles, lava zones, frozen scenes, etc. and they are procedurally generated so it has a high replayability. Furthermore, the goal is not only to explore the dungeon and face the traps, bosses, and all of their monster horde but also to try to rebuild the village, among other ways, rescuing the neighbors who have been abducted by this mysterious dungeon.

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