Dune is delayed again for several weeks

Despite concerns about a third wave of the Delta variant, studios and cinema chains do not plan to return to confinement and are already preparing to release all they can in the second half of 2021. It is exactly due to the saturation of premieres that that has caused Dune to be delayed once again. Warner Bros. is hell-bent on finding the best date for the sci-fi epic.

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According to Variety, Dune will no longer be released on October 1, as planned, but on October 22 of the same month. The three weeks sparked a change in two other studio titles that have also moved their release dates. But given the high budget of the film directed by Denis Villeneuve and the saturation of billboards that caused the domino effect of the rest of the other blockbusters that have settled between summer and fall, it is not a surprise that this happens.

They also received a change in their programming The Many Saint of Newark, the prequel to The Sopranos, which will now arrive that October 1 that was going to be for Dune. In addition, Cry MaleClint Eastwood’s new film will have its place on the billboard on September 17, it was anticipated because it was originally going to come out on the day that will now correspond to Villeneuve’s film. All three will continue the hybrid strategy of simultaneously arriving at HBO Max.

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The real question here is how much this change encourages the chances of Dune to raise enough money at the box office. The expensive production, according to Villeneuve himself, who was very upset with the idea of ​​his film coming directly to streaming, the film needs to generate a lot of money to be able to ensure the realization of the second part, since it is known that he adapted only half of the film. novel on which it is based. He believes that simultaneous strategy could have doomed his saga.

Despite the acclaimed filmmaker’s disappointment, the Warner studio has been nothing but optimistic about the film. Such seems to be the confidence they have in the director’s work that the film will be premiered at the Venice Film Festival and will also have performances at the Toronto Film Festival. In other words, he believes he has the potential to win awards and win over critics. The few people who have been able to see material from the film assure that it is an impeccable work.

Although some films have managed to gross more than expected at the box office, ticket sales have played a bad role for the director in the past. The saddest case is that of Blade Runner 2049 – 88%, another of his films very well received by both the public and the critics that failed to raise enough to continue with a franchise. With the constant delays, the studio will have to spend time and money on a good campaign that gets people going to the movies to see it rather than opting for home viewing.

Dune stars Timothée Chalamet, Oscar Isaac, and Rebecca Ferguson. The actors play the Atreides family, a noble house in the service of a galactic Emperor who makes them rulers of the planet Arrakis, a desert world inhabited by terrible giant worms that is the only source of the species called melange, which serves as fuel for space travel. For now, its premiere will be on October 22 in the United States.

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