Dune could premiere at the Venice Film Festival

Since the COVID 19 virus pandemic was declared, many things have changed around the world; Among the most affected industries were entertainment and tourism, of course. Regarding concerts and plays, different alternatives have been sought, although they have not been entirely convincing for both the artists and the public, while in the cinema things have gradually settled down.

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Apart from the fact that theaters have begun to open their doors with a lower percentage of attendees, another of the key moments for the film industry is its arrival at different festivals and awards ceremonies. Although many managed not to have to cancel the events and opted for digital meetings, this was not entirely positive. Last year the Venice Film Festival managed to take place in person, although with fewer guests and some films released digitally.

This year, since Italy has considerably reduced its risk of contagion among the inhabitants after being one of the most affected countries, the Festival will try to take place in the most normal way possible, with the premieres of its films in its own theaters. And right now, the directors have begun their selection of films to be shown, among which are several that were forced to delay their premieres.

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According to what has been reported in Variety, one of the films that is looking for its place at the festival is Dune by Denis Villeneuve, which has been one of the most anticipated films recently due to all the history behind after others. attempts to bring this Frank Herbert novel to the big screen. Although the film will have its simultaneous premiere on HBO Max and theaters in general, its arrival at such an important event could open the doors to more countries in addition to getting the opportunity to be an important part of the awards season.

So far the event has not confirmed the list of films that they will choose (or have already chosen) for their next edition, but what has been talked about is the great interest that there is to take advantage of the long-awaited celebration to reactivate the Italian economy, especially as regards tourism. Being one of the most affected countries, for a time they closed the doors to foreigners, but now that most of the population is already in better conditions in addition to the presence of the vaccine, they seem ready to start again.

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It should be noted that the parent organization of the festival, the Venice Biennale, is looking for its Architecture Biennale (or Architecture Biennale) to continue with the theme How will we live together? as has already been done in several cities and is expected to reach at least 46 countries. This has been done with the aim of readapting the architecture of various places to maintain order among the attendees of the place with the appropriate distance, and this will begin in Venice on May 22.

Finally, the Venice Film Festival is expected to take place from September 01 to 11 this year and so far among the films that are also being considered to be released at this event are On a Half Clear Morning by Bruno Dumont and Lost illusions by Xavier Giannoli. So far it has only been confirmed that Bong Joon-ho will be the president of the main jury, Serena Rossi will be the master of ceremonies and Roberto Benigni will be honored for his career in Italian cinema that has achieved worldwide importance.

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