Inspired by the work of award-winning actresses like Nancy Cartwright (Bart, in The Simpsons) and Pamela Adlon (Bobby, in King of the Hill), the sitcom star Parks and Recreation tuned her vocal chords to give voice to a teenage boy in the upcoming Fox Channel animated series. Duncanville it is the result of collaborative work between prestigious screenwriters and the famous comedian Amy Poehler, who in addition to leading the cast, serves as co-creator.

Find out below some details about this hilarious show, made up of 13 episodes, coming soon to Latin America

From the hand of Mike Scully and Julie Thacker (co-creators of The Simpsons), Amy Poehler conceived the Harris, a modern American family whose members went through various and witty situations on their way to resolve a functional coexistence between them.

In the center of Duncanville, the Harris’ eldest son is listed. Based on the average teenager, Duncan (Poehler) dreams of success and fame, but in reality, he is someone unwilling and not very bright. This is how the American histrion describes it in a recent videoconference held with PREMIERE Cinema.

“He is like any 15-year-old boy, because he fantasizes about being a technology giant, a millionaire, driving elegant cars and getting the girl, but he doesn’t even know how to wash the dishes. He is like a useless, but he has big plans, “confesses Poehler, laughing.

To give voice to this frustrated teenager with his present, the interpreter of Alegría in Intensamente (2015) had to leave a certain comfort zone. And not only because Duncan is a male pubert, but also because he is a character lacking in eloquence.

“In my career, I have played many characters who are already motivated, who are energetic. With Duncan I wanted to do the opposite of it, someone who takes his time, who really doesn’t have much to say and who almost loses his way in the middle of a sentence, “explains the comedian. “So I went to the mall and studied many teenage boys. That might sound sinister [ríe] but I watched how they spoke.

And added:

In a way, Duncan is always exasperated, he speaks very slowly. Says things like [con voz de Duncan] ‘Oh, this is so boring’… He sighs too much and talks nonsense. It’s really fun to play a character like this, who is very self-centered and not very energetic. He always wants to go back to sleep.

Jack (Ty burrell), Duncan (Amy Poehler), Kimberly (Riki Lindhome), Annie (Poehler) and Jing (Joy Osmanski) make up the Harris family.

Grateful for the possibilities of animation – which allow her to put herself in the pants of a fifteen-year-old boy – the truth is that Amy Poehler will not only be heard in Duncan’s babble and grunts. The Duncanville co-creator also voices the protagonist’s mother, Annie, a parking attendant who aspires to become a detective and whose personality (contrary to that of her son) is marginalized from indifference … to the point of paranoia.

Annie looks at life and thinks of all the things that can go wrong. It is persistent, but it definitely does not see the best in people, “explains the 48-year-old actress. “She is much more suspicious and defensive. It’s fun to play her because she’s always on the lookout for what’s around the corner and constantly scolds Duncan because of the things he’s so naive for. ”

Of course, there are endless discussions between Annie and Duncan throughout the animated show, so Poehler had to take on both sides of the coin during the same scene.

That dynamic of talking to herself — outside in the recording booth or in the script readings — made her feel “schizophrenic,” jokes the Emmy winner. On the other hand, he says that it allowed him to relate better to both characters and, in Freudian terms, basically discover that Duncan is his manifestation of the “It”, and Annie, that of the “Superego.”

Seeing them argue is really interesting. I think it is very good for my mind … It is that or I will break very soon “, concludes the smiling celebrity.

Duncanville arrived in the United States in February 2020, with very good comments. Two months later, it was renewed for a second season.

In Latin America, the series does not project its debut until within a couple of months. HOWEVER, this Sunday, May 24 will be provided to the countries of the region, including Mexico, the preview of the first chapter of Duncanville through Fox Channel. The appointment is at 9:30 pm (central Mexico time).