The Last Dance ends with Michael Jordan regretting that Jerry Reinsdorf, the owner of the Chicago Bulls, and Jerry krauseGM would not have tried to keep the team for another year to try to win a seventh championship.

However, they decided to bet on the complete reconstruction, something that went really wrong. What is certain is that they had an idea to get a winning team in the short term. As Jamal Crawford, 2000s rookie for the Bulls, commented, Krause’s goal in replacing MJ, Scottie Pippen and company was to sign Tim Duncan, Tracy McGrady Grant Hill.

Logically, if they had succeeded, they would have fought for championships. However, the reality was different. Krause failed to rebuild the team, and in 22 seasons since the last dance in 1998 the Illinois players have only played 5 playoffs and have only had 2 All Stars (Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah, oddly enough they were drafted the same year).

Here’s how Crawford related how he found out that Krause wanted to sign Hill, Duncan and T-Mac:

“During my freshman and sophomore year we were the youngest team in the league, right? And the fans knew it, like, ‘Okay, it’s going to be a year of rebuilding.’ But during my rookie year (2000), Jerry thought he was going to get Grant Hill, Tim Duncan, and T-Mac. MJ had just retired, so there was plenty of pay space available. Grant, Tim, and T-Mac were all free agents. And Jerry wholeheartedly believed that we would get all three. Even if we had signed two of them at the time it would have been a boom. “

Undoubtedly, the Bulls’ history would have changed, but it did not. They continue to grieve in the desert after MJ’s departure. It is true that when they managed to get hold of a decisive player like Derrick Rose they had the bad luck of his injury, which stopped his career.

Still, there is no doubt that the office work has been very bad in the past two decades. Let’s see what Karnisovas manages to do from now on.