The singer went through weeks of abuse as she entered and left consciousness


Victor Fraile / .

Last February, when the singer Duffy revealed through Instagram that her disappearance from the music world a decade ago had been due to sexual assault, He also assured that he would eventually share the rest of his story on his own terms.

Now the british artist has published a long statement on its website in which he reveals that he spent four weeks held against his will after being drugged in a restaurant on her birthday and taken to a foreign country that you have not specified.

“I don’t remember getting on the plane and woke up in the back seat of a moving vehicle. They locked me in a hotel room and the person in charge returned and raped me. I remember the pain after it happened and trying to stay awake. I was trapped with him another whole day; He didn’t look at me, he made me walk behind him. I was conscious and closed in on myself. He could have discarded me at any time, ”says the 35-year-old interpreter.

In his testimony, Duffy remembers that in those moments he felt “a presence” at his side that helped him stay alive. If he did not dare to flee, then, as he points out, while his attacker was sleeping, it was because I had no money on me and she feared he would alert the police to search for her as a possible missing person. Eventually they both returned to England together, but the nightmare was not yet over.

“The assailant drugged me in my own home during those four weeks, and I don’t know if he raped me during that period of time. I just remember regaining consciousness in that car and my flight, what happened in the days after I ran away. I don’t know why he didn’t drug me as well while we were abroad; I think he gave me some illegal drug that I couldn’t travel with. ”

Duffy tried to remain calm as much as possible even though I knew I was still in danger because the man who had kidnapped her repeatedly insinuated that he wanted to kill her.

“After it was all over, one of my acquaintances stopped by the house and saw me on the balcony, his eyes lost and wrapped in a blanket. I did not remember having got there. That same person told me that she was yellow and she looked like a dead woman; He was clearly scared for me, but he didn’t want to interfere because he had never seen anything like it.

The artist has clarified that she informed the police of what happened on two different occasions: initially because someone blackmailed him by threatening to leak his story and later as part of an investigation into an attempted break-in at his home. On the other hand, he has also insisted that the rapist’s identity should remain between the authorities and her.

Duffy has stated, without going into further detail, that from his environment – where very few were aware of why he left the recording industry– they recommended that he remain silent so as not to ruin his career or face public doubts and questions about the aggressor, who has hinted that he is still at large.

In consecuense, he considered changing his identity and moving to another place where he could start from scratch under a new identity to dedicate themselves to selling flowers or running a coffee.

What made her change her mind was the certainty that she would only be betraying herself if she chose to erase her previous life after losing so much already. In his own words, The last ten years have been a constant struggle to “recover the pieces” of their identity: “A rape is like a murder in life, you’re still here, but you’re dead,” he says.

All his romantic relationships since then have ended in failure and have been defined by a dynamics of power and hidden interests against them, as you have confessed, and contact with loved ones or your family –even with those who wanted to help her from the heart- he has been affected by his desire to hide; has moved home five times and he has only dared to return to his native Wales Recently.

“What happened was not only a crime against me, against my life, and an act of violence that almost killed me, it also took something very important from other people. I was not the same Duffy again for a long time ”, he added, to recognize that sometimes it seems that it will never be again.