Duel at the flying goal

05/17/2021 at 6:53 PM CEST

TO Jesus Montoya they ordered him in the Vuelta a España in 1992, where he was second, to get hooked and not take his eyes off Tony rominger, final winner in Madrid. And so much was the marking, as if it were the strongest defense that does not let go of the striker, that once the Swiss cyclist stopped to urinate and Montoya He stopped by his side causing an argument between the two of the most surreal.

Today things have changed. Today no detail is missed in the races, whose stages, like yesterday’s of only 139 kilometers, are carefully studied: the road book provided by the organization, maps, YouTube videos, and auxiliaries in the team cars that They scan the terrain and report any incident. Or how is the discounted flying goal; today, in a town called Campello sui Clitunno, 19 kilometers from the arrival.

And that marking, that duel, as real as the Giro celebrating its first day of rest tomorrow, between Egan bernal (‘pink jersey’) and Remco EvenepoeHe, the main aspirant to the noble garment, had to live in its maximum splendor under a banner that gave 3.2 and 1 second bonus to the three cyclists who passed in the first positions.

This Giro is lived intensely, as if it were a guerrilla battle, between trenches. You have to advance meter by meter, second by second, because any time that is won can be rewarded with the final victory. You just have to remember that last year the first two of the general (Tao Geoghegan Hart Y Jai hindley) arrived tied in time for the final time trial, on the streets of Milan.

A year ago there was a lot of mountains, perhaps a little less than now, but enough territory to avoid what until then had never been seen; two cyclists tied at the head of the general standings in the absence of a stage for the final decision.

And now the duel is served, in that flying goal where Evenepoel try to surprise Bernal, where the Colombian cyclist sends his guerrillas to counter the fury of the Belgian prodigy and where Jhonatan Narváez, Ecuadorian resident in Andorra, friend and faithful gregarious of Bernal, score for Evenepoel add 2 instead of 3 seconds and where the leader achieves another extra second to give excitement to a stage doomed to decide to sprint.

It was the most intense, most beautiful, most formidable moment, the moment to show that the duel between Bernal and Evenepoel can enter the history of the Giro. And there are still the Zoncolan, the Dolomites and strong emotions such as the contact by the beautiful white land of Tuscany, to wake up the cyclists tomorrow from the dream and the rest of the rest day.

It was proof that Evenepoel has not given up, that psychologically the attack of Bernal in Abruzzo. And, above all, that he is willing to give a lot of war from here to the end so that the Colombian runner knows that he will have to sweat a lot to get around the last finish line in Milan knowing that his ‘pink jersey’ is not in danger.

As the victory of Peter sagan, something like a reward to his team, Bora, who worked savagely to prevent the rest of the sprinters from depriving the three-time world champion of the first win in the 2021 Giro, in what was another transition day for Marc solerCovertly like most, in 12th position overall and waiting for stronger emotions.

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