Mexico City (Nallely Hernández) – To date, 118 thousand 810 accredited have requested any of the supports offered by the National Institute of the Workers’ Housing Fund (Infonavit) to mitigate the impact to your mortgages.

Carlos Martínez, general director of the Infonavit, explained in a conference that the majority of workers have requested support from unemployment.

“As of March 25, Infonavit launched a protection program for borrowers who have a mortgage with us, with two elements, unemployment insurance and an extension of up to six months for workers.

118 thousand workers ask for support to Infonavit | Photo: Reforma

“We are acting so that workers who unfortunately have lost their jobs do not worry for at least three months of covering their mortgage payments, because Infonavit will take care of covering them 100 percent,” he explained.

According to the Institute’s data, 47 thousand 915 workers have requested the activation of unemployment insurance, while 21 thousand 806 asked for an extension to defer payments and another 49 thousand 89 requests were for a combination.

Most of the requests, Martínez Velázquez explained, are located in the State of Mexico, followed by Quinta Roo and Nuevo León.

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In the case of companies, he commented that from the end of April to date, 18,281 employers, with 1.4 million workers, have received support to defer payment of quotas, of which 94.61 percent are SMEs.

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“It is not forgiveness, it is simply the deferral of workers’ savings, something that is a right cannot be condoned,” he clarified.

Thus, the companies have deferred quotas for about one thousand 37 million pesos. On the other hand, the manager commented that only between May 1 and 10, the housing agency has formalized 6,708 loans, 5,333 to acquire a house and 1,375 for improvements.

“3 billion pesos have been injected into the economy these days, the truth is that the workers continue to respond well,” he said.