Due to the pandemic, the value of transfers fell almost 50%

The number of international transfers of footballers in the January market in Europe it fell 36.2 percent and the amount in almost half (49.1%), according to a report by the International Federation of Associated Football (FIFA), thus confirming the impact of the pandemic on the soccer economy.

In the winter market, the instance registered 2,690 player movements from one country to another, 17.7% less than in January 2017, which means a slowdown in the progression of recent years.

Sign that clubs have to tighten their belts, the total amount for these operations decreased 56% compared to January 2018, to reach the $ 59 million (49 million euros), indicated the agency ..

Single 14% Of these transfers, it was assumed that the buying club will pay some compensation to the seller: the 20 largest transfers cost an average of $ 17.2 million (14.3 million euros). The average of the other 375 transfers was $ 646,000 (€ 536,000).

The FIFA, which never offers the detailed figure of each transfer, classified the signing of the young Ivorian Amad Diallo (of Atalanta to the Manchester United) as the most expensive of all, followed by the Brazilian Diego Rosa (of Guild to the Manchester City) and the Franco-Ivorian Sebastien haller (of West Ham to the Ajax Amsterdam).

In the whole of 2020, the number of transfers had already decreased 5.4 percent compared to 2019, the first drop in the last decade, according to another report published by FIFA in early January.

With a much more modest figure, women’s football seems to resist the crisis better, since although the number of international transfers fell 4.3 percent compared to a year before, with 177 movements, the total amount grew 60 percent, with 310,100 dollars (257,728 euros).

Spain is the country where the most transfers have been made in this winter window. As reflected by FIFA report; a total of 145 players they have come to our country in this winter market. Very close is Portugal with 143 and is England who is in third position with 140 players. Regarding the departure of players, Spain It ranks third with the march of 80 footballers in a ranking led by England with a total of 178.