Due to her gender change, Felicia Garza looks delicate in health

Due to her gender change, Felicia Garza looks delicate | INSTAGRAM

The singer-songwriter was in an exclusive interview with ‘The sun rises’, where Felicia Garza revealed that she is in delicate health due to a process of her gender change. The mexican She also shared the details of the situation she is going through and that a few days ago she had to be hospitalized in an emergency.

“I had a thrombotic attack, a thrombophlebitis… especially in me left leg, I have some clots. I had to go to the doctor, they took my tests, I have them. I have to be very careful, because logically they can go to any other part of the body and could be fatal injuries, “he explained calmly.

He continued with the following: “From the moment I began to hormonalize, estrogens, that is the danger of people who make these changes, I say it so that people know. I stopped hormonalizing myself a long time ago because it is precisely the tendency of suffering from thrombophlebitis, due to hormones, that is why women are more prone to this type of situation “.

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“It was quite acute pain, especially in this part of the thigh and that logically prevented me from being able to walk properly. There was leak, an edema and the first thing you have to do is try to dissolve all this so that little by little the same clots that do not go to another region of the body ”.

He also argued that he does not think get vaccinated against C0VID-19 to avoid any major complication, however, she says she is already prepared for what happens, in case she loses her life.

“I have everything ready to go, I tell you with a lot of affection, we never know if it is there around, indeed I wrote my epitaph and if I only think that when I die, where I go or where I return, it must be for the good of all,” he concluded. .

Felicia Garza triumphed for decades as Felipe Gil, a renowned figure of Mexican music who went on to win the OTI as a composer, until at age 74 he dared to fulfill a dream, a hidden need throughout his life; be a woman.

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The daughter of a Mexican family with Spanish ancestry, she was born in 1940 and lived in New York until she was 13 years old, in the middle of a witch hunt against everything different, from communists to homosexuals, causing her an “appalling fear” of being who she felt she was.

His parents were great artists, Eva Garza and Felipe “el Charro” Gil, a member of Los Panchos: “I lived under this splint, that musical environment, I saw very little of my parents and I was really educated by an Irish couple.”

He grew up in the neighborhood from the movie “West Side Story,” where gang fights and bravado were rife.

She learned to put on makeup, wear heels, and dress, and also started hormone therapy. It’s “a new puberty, and logically you want to wear more little skirts,” says pizpireta and laughing.

But she always knew how to dress “according to her age,” she says, pointing to the long white skirt and the red knitted sweater she wears. “In that transition I began to experience so many things that I could never enjoy in my existence,” he recalls.

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