Toyota will inspect the engine block casting serial number to determine if it is affected and to replace it

One of the most prestigious car brands in quality is undoubtedly Toyota, but this time, the car company called the models for review in Mexico Camry and Camry Hybrid 2020 model, as some vehicles may be equipped with an incorrectly manufactured engine block.

According to the statement issued by Toyota, the company said this condition could cause an internal or external leak of the coolant during normal engine operation. This could cause engine noise, smoke from the engine exhaust, malfunction warning light, audible signal or, in some cases, engine overheating and possible internal engine damage.

Should this occur in a gasoline engine, the engine may stop running at high speeds without prior warning, increasing the risk of a collision.

Toyota Camry HV 2020.
Credit: Courtesy Toyota.

Regarding the hybrid system engine, in case the gasoline engine stops working, the vehicle will enter a protection mode, which will allow the vehicle to be operated with reduced power and distances so that it can be placed in a safe location.

In both cases, internal damage could cause oil leakage, something that would increase the risk of a catastrophe, especially if you are close to an ignition source that would cause a fire.

That is why Toyota It has warned its customers and called them up for review to assess this condition, inspecting the engine block casting serial number to determine if it is affected. In the event that the engine block is involved, Toyota dealers will replace it with a new one, at no cost to the consumer.


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