Jared Dudley, the player of Los Angeles Lakers, He has given a more than interesting interview to our colleagues from The Athletic, where he explained that the Angelenos were facing an unbeatable opportunity to win the ring:

“Even if we won the championship next year, that is not to say that this would not have been our best chance. This would have been our best chance to win, even if you go into the future. The optics and everything was set up. We were going to have the court factor going for us. Milwaukee could have lost a few more games. We could have caught them. Obviously, most likely not, but we just never know. The momentum we had is going to be hard to repeat. So you look at LeBron James’s teams. He’s had teams that went No. 1. He’s also had teams that slipped in the regular season and then got windy in the playoffs. We don’t know what’s going to happen next year. Yes, we can beat these other teams in the playoffs, but it’s much easier when you have the field factor going for you like we had now. “

Dudley acknowledges that his mind before the coronavirus-caused halt was more than thrilled with the ring:

“Man, I was just thinking about it. Especially after we beat the Clippers and Milwaukee the way we did. The adjustment we made thinking about the playoffs where we most likely were going to see her with these teams. And that’s how it is We saw the adjustments we made, beating Milwaukee at home defending the way we did and beating the Clippers on the court the way we did. LeBron defending Kawhi and Giannis. That probably surprised them. “

On the possible return of the competition, Dudley is clear that the players are going to need a pre-season in condition before returning: “I am going to go several months without being able to shoot for the basket and then they are going to give me two weeks to prepare before starting the playoffs and regular season. And they’ll pretend I don’t get hurt. Two weeks isn’t enough. We need to be 100 percent. ”