As you know, yesterday was the April Fools ’Day, a kind of April Fool’s Day that is celebrated in many countries, among which is not Spain (for that we already have ours). However, there are more and more media in the video game sector, both national and, above all, international, which are joining this day with succulent and, sometimes, painful jokes. And it is that promising a new installment of the acclaimed Ducktales saga is, worth the redundancy, a whole adventure that hides behind it a real news … Attentive!

Yesterday we woke up with a shocking news on twitter. FDG Entertainment, a developer and publisher based in Munich, announced a surprise bombshell… They were immersed in the development of a new installment of the famous Disney Ducktales franchise. Under the title Ducktales QuackShots the game promised to be being carefully crafted, respecting the original designs of the franchise. Not surprisingly, the Germans claimed to have the collaboration of Game Atelier (with whom he had previously worked shaping the excellent Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom). Here we leave you with the tweet in question:

Surprise! We’re happy to announce our new game project #DuckTales QuackShots together with our #MonsterBoyGame development partner Game Atelier!

– FDG Entertainment (@FDG_Games) April 1, 2020

Our first reaction was one of amazement and joy, to, seconds later, pass to the most extreme distrust. And, it was not just any date, it was April 1 and with it came April Fools ’Day and its usual jokes. And here the matter would have remained, in a simple joke that, of course, would not have much place in the NextN newscast. So … why do we echo that? Simple, the response of FDG Entertainment to deny the news and confirm that it was a joke drags quite a bit behind it, as you can read below:

Thank you for the overwhelming feedback on our #DuckTales Quackshot screens. We worked hard on a legit pitch to Disney but unfortunately never got the license. It would’ve been a shame to bury the material so it became this years #AprilFools. Maybe someday Disney will reconsider?

– FDG Entertainment (@FDG_Games) April 1, 2020

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Indeed, although it was only an innocent, DuckTales QuackShots could be a reality, since the boys and girls of FDG Entertainment presented, at the time (we do not know the date on which to locate this fact), this project to Disney. Unfortunately, the American giant’s response was negative and they were never able to obtain the rights to the saga. We leave you with an image gallery with part of the released material.

Honestly, if we pay attention to the material shown and the playable aspect that allows us to intuit behind if we do not understand the position of Disney. Even more so at a time when nostalgia and remakes of classic titles is the order of the day (just take a look at his mammoth film productions). In short, a real pity before which we have no other, to have a bad time, than to recall our adventures in NES or, why not ?, dive fully, now that it is back in the Wii eShop U in that wonder of Capcom and WayForward that Ducktales Remastered supposed. By the way, the NESxtalgia meter is skyrocketing in the NextN newsroom, does that mean anything?