DualSense improves its compatibility with Steam adding new functionalities

While it is true that a few days ago Valve confirmed that DualSense is already compatible With the beta version of Steam, now is the time for players to know that this goes one step further. After all, from Valve they want to find the best experience for the players, so they continue to increase the functions with which the application is compatible.

Even though they indicated us that soon we would have news about its news, now it is time to know that the DualSense LEDs are already compatible. But not only that, but its gyroscope and its touch panel already have features built into Steam. All this thanks to a new update that includes all these functions, although yes, it is still in the beta.

DualSense for PS5 | Sony

Of course, the beta version has also brought out its more ambitious side. This has received a “swipe” mode that takes advantage of the touch panel and gyroscope, in such a way that it will help players can enjoy their titles a little better. Of course we must take one thing into account and that is that players will have to wait for these titles to be compatible with these developments.

The time has come to enjoy the great proposal present with PlayStation 5, Sony’s next-generation console that not only comes as a great surprise to gamers, but also seeks the best experience at all times. In such a way that users do not have games with limits, but even the loading times have been reduced so that the proposal is even more automatic.