Brit wants to make sure her fans identify with her lyrics

Dua Lipa

. / Kate Green for MTV

Unlike other artists, Dua Lipa decided to go ahead with the launch of his awaited second album study, ‘Future Nostalgia’, when all festivals and music events started to be canceled due to the coronavirus crisis and it has even been encouraged to advance its publication by a week after an unexpected leak.

One of the most personal themes he has included in this new work, Will Boys Will Be Boys ’, is on the way to become a hymn thanks to the universal experience that narrates and that sums up perfectly in the first verses when singing: “It is natural for us to walk home before night falls, with the keys in hand when there are guys around. “

The situation described in the lyrics of the song It is the same that she lived every time she made the three-minute walk from the bus stop to her portal and she felt totally helpless before the verbal harassment he suffered on that short journey.

“I remember when I came home, especially in winter, I was paralyzed with fear when I got off the bus and I crossed paths with the boys who were cycling along the block, shouting things to the girls ”, he confessed in an interview to the BBC.

“I want make my younger fans feel represented and that they know that we all go through those same things ”, he added.