Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus “Prisoner” dedicate to their ex-partners

Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus dedicate

Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus “Prisoner” dedicate to their former partners | .

From very early on, the new single interpreted by Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus titled “Prisoner“a new melody that has turned upside down to all social networks and Youtube due to the impressive appearance of the two stars of the show business.

This new collaboration will appear in the next project of the former protagonist of Hannah Montana the irreverent but also extremely talented Miley CyrusThis new project will be titled “Plastic hearts” something quite interesting that will be worth knowing as soon as you decide to publish it.

For each of the celebrities it is something common that when releasing a new single it immediately becomes a trend, however this is separately, seeing the reaction that their millions of fans have had when seeing them together has caused a great stir.

Dua Lipa is known for always showing off her long legs at every opportunity that comes her way, although in this video she may have stepped out of her comfort zone, but she stood out just the same.

See boards at Dua Lipa Miley Cyrus was already something really impressive according to certain comments on social networks, her fans just took this new single as an anthem, which when dedicating it to her ex-partners, one could say that it is a sweet revenge for everything they have had to go through throughout its short life.

The singer of Albanian origin is 25 years old, as for the American, she is 27 respectively, from this collaboration they will surely become very good friends, especially because of the chemistry that we managed to see throughout the video, one could even say that in some scenes they were extremely flirtatious between the two, so much so that perhaps more than one Internet user who saw the video managed to raise their temperature when seeing them together and in such a surprising and intense way.

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As you already know, Miley’s personality is much more expIosive than that of Dua Lipa, who is usually a bit more relaxed and sophisticated, of course this does not prevent her from having fun wholesale, in the video you can easily differentiate each of the personalities, it is a combination although a bit strange turned out to be fantastic in the end.

What happens when your two fav artists get together? Well … Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa are the success !! “wrote @monocontento on Twitter.

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The combination of both voices for millions of Internet users is simply a work of art, Miley Cyrus has a voice in the style of Rock as for that of Dua Lipa is more Pop, precisely because their combination is perfect for many, especially because each one has millions of followers who adore and support each and every one of their projects.

God, please make Prisoner Dua’s first # 1 “,” That’s how I am after seeing and listening to Miley Cyrus X Dua Lipa’s Prisoner at full volume! “, Some netizens wrote.

The video is quite interesting although a bit intense, what has attracted the most attention is the fact that Miley Cyrus He appears with his clothes and starts from his mouth in addition to his chin with an intense red color, although some think that it is s @ ngre in reality it is that a jar with cherries was emptied, which surely the objective was to make his fans think the first.

On several occasions the singers are seen too close together so much that some say they feel a certain attraction between them, it is evident that it was only a performance for the video clip, which is evident the chemistry that both had when developing it.

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