Dry font to the renovated Garbrandt

Cody Garbrandt has a problem. After becoming a UFC bantamweight champion, he accumulates four losses in his last five fights. And the worst thing is not the number, but the feeling. This Saturday, in the star of UFC Las Vegas 27, He yielded with great clarity to Rob Font, who won by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45 and 48-46). The former champion tried a totally different approach that not only cost him the defeat, the feelings did not have to be anything good. For his part, with his triumph Font must look to the title of the division.

Garbrandt did not want to box, something rare for someone who does well in that facet. In the first round, and in order not to risk Font’s larger wingspan (16 centimeters more) he kicked with good judgment, although his opponent found him with good hands. Seeing that this path was dangerous, Garbrandt brought the fight to the ground. It surprised everyone and showed an evolution. You have to work to keep growing. In the second round, already at the beginning, He returned to the ground and there Font’s intelligence came out. I hope. His time would come.

And it came. From the third round the cardio of Cody started down. He did not dominate with 100% energy … with less the result was obvious. In the end, the last two rounds, Garbrandt chose to move and, in addition to trying those grabs, pray to the stroke of luck that he would change the fight. It was not so. Font ran over him and inflicted a great punishment. One looks at the title, the other must change a lot of things.

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