Drunk passenger seriously hospitalized after wild fight with Uber driver in New York

Ahmed Rahat and Soyall Pinto, Uber passenger and driver, respectively, staged a wild fight in Midtown East (NYC), which sent the client to the hospital in serious condition with head injury.

The passenger suffered “major concussions,” prosecutors charged in court documents. Apparently Rahat he was drunk when he got in the car with his girlfriend and in a moment of the trip started attacking the driver from the backseat of the rental Chevy Suburban, around 4 a.m. Sunday.

The 38-year-old driver from Jamaica (Queens) stopped the vehicle on East 38th Street and 2nd Avenue, and the fight spilled over into the street, sources said. Then the drunk passenger attacked Pinto with his belt and he allegedly It hit him on the back so hard that Rahat’s head hit the pavement.

Police said Rahat suffered a serious head injury and was rushed to Bellevue Hospital in serious condition. Pinto had bruises on his head and body and was arrested. It is unclear what sparked the violent dispute, the New York Post reported.

Uber said that the access of both implicated to the platform has been revoked while investigating the incident and cooperating with the police. “Violence of any kind is not tolerated while using Uber. We are investigating this matter and will take the necessary measures, “said a spokeswoman.

The driver Pinto was released without bail in his appearance in Manhattan criminal court yesterday afternoon, after being charged with assault.

At the arraignment, the defense attorney stated that driver Pinto has served New York as an Uber driver for five years and he was also injured in the fight, requiring stitches to close a head wound. You must return to court on August 2.

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