‘Drunk mode’, would you like it to work on WhatsApp?

Has it happened to you that you go out to party and suddenly start sending messages or calling people with whom you have not had contact for a long time? And it is that under the influence of alcohol people tend to do many things that they do not remember later.

But that will no longer be a problem since so that this does not happen to you and then you regret what you did, the Gree Electric company announced that it is working on a patent called « interactive method and system for a drunk mode for smart phones ”, Which will prevent people from going through these shameful situations.

We tell you how the « Drunk Mode » will work. Photo: Pixabay

The « Drunk Mode », as it is known, will be similar to the operation of the « Airplane Mode » of mobile devices. Therefore, if you are going out to party, you can activate it the night before, which will restrict some functions of your device.

This function could work in applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, so in this way you will forget to call or send a message to a person that you should not. In the same way, it may not allow you to post on your social networks.

How would it work

The « Drunk Mode » will work as follows: for a period of 12 hours, when this feature is active, the person will not be able to make calls or posts. After that time a notification will be sent to you for approval, that is, when you are in your five senses, in this way you can regret or not what you wanted to do.

But this not only applies in case you intend to contact a person you do not want, it is also functional in cases in which you receive a call from the bank at that time, in this way you can avoid accepting a charge that you should not .

The main objective of the patent is that people do not do wrong operations while intoxicated. So far this patent is in the hands of the Gree Electric company, who will be in charge of defining whether this modality can be included in phones that have Android and iOS, or will you have to pay for it.

So you know, if you frequently go out to party and make calls or send messages that you should not, this could be a good option so that this does not happen.

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