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The blitz of negative reviews for The Last of Us: Part II gave a lot to talk about on the day of its release. As we reported to you yesterday, as soon as the option was available for users to leave their review, negative ratings even up to 0 started. to flood the game page in Metacritic. Such was the amount of anger and rumors from some users that an actress of the game had to deny a rumor and the director of the game issued a sarcastic comment on the situation.

After almost 2 days after The Last of Us: Part II debuted, the title already has 33,621 ratings on Metacritic, of which 12,884 are negative, although some positives have raised the average to 3.5. Neil Druckmann, the game’s director, was aware of all this fuss and in addition to thanking the praise of other Sony developers and studios, he shared a message regarding the controversial bombardment of negative reviews.

“Oh man… in just a few hours we have almost DOUBLED the number of user reviews for The Last of Us: Part II than the first game received in 7 years. I love that passion ”, reads the message that Druckmann shared the night of the opening day, which he also accompanied with a smiley face, blowing a kiss.

It is important to say that those who do not know about the situation of the game’s bombardment of reviews, like some users on Twitter, might think that Druckmann is omitting information and that he is hiding that a large part of the ratings are negative. But this is not the case, as it is clearly Druckmann’s intention to respond with a bit of sarcasm.

Even other developers supported Druckmann’s comment, such as Cory Barlog, who apparently did catch the sarcasm, as well as co-director of the game’s narrative Halley Gross. To put the situation into perspective, God of War (2018), which turned 2 years ago in the market a few months ago, has 12879 reviews on Metacritic.

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Neil Druckmann was not involved in motion capture with Laura Bailey

There could be some very slight plot suggestions below, so we recommend you not check the next paragraph and skip the next.

Another person involved in development raised his voice amid controversy. We are referring to Laura Bailey. To avoid falling into spoilers, we will only tell you that the voice actress was involved in a rumor that she had participated in a motion capture scene of a sexual sequence with Neil Druckmann.

“Everything I did was with phenomenally talented and professional actors. Play the title. AND THEN give your opinions. And if they still don’t like it, that’s fine, « Bailey said.

What do you think of the situation around the launch of the game? What did you think of Druckmann’s way of responding? Do you think Metacritic solves this problem? Tell us in the comments.

Despite the bad comments by some users, the title had a very good reception by the press. To celebrate the world premiere of the title, Naughty Dog announced a new line of merchandise, including items that musicians and fans of the game will love.

The Last of Us: Part II debuted last June 19 exclusively for PlayStation 4. You can find more about it by visiting its tab or by consulting our written review.

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