Dropkick Murphys Announces New Album ‘Turn Up That Dial’ And Shares New Single ‘Middle Finger’

Dropkick Murphys have announced the details of their 10th album ‘Turn Up That Dial’ and have shared ‘Middle Finger’ – the first single to come off the record.

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The Boston band’s latest work will arrive on April 30 via Born & Bred Records, and their co-director, Ken Casey, hopes « people will forget about their problems. »

« We are very lucky and we are very grateful to be able to share a little happiness in our own way, » he said.

« Our gratitude levels are out of the ordinary. Twenty-five years ago, someone bet me $ 30 that I couldn’t form a band three weeks in advance to open for their group. When we were kids, we had never been outside of New England and here. we are: we have recorded 10 albums and we have been all over the world. If there is a message on this album, it is ‘raise your fist and play hard’ « .

Casey also explained that the album’s defiant spirit is the perfect antidote to the global troubles of the coronavirus pandemic.

« We’ve all been sorry for each other so the main goal was for this to be fun, » Casey said.

« The darker the times get, the more we struggle to lift our spirits with this music. Whatever we’re giving the fans, trust me, they’re giving us ten times as much. Now turn up that damn dial. »

You can check out the full tracklist below.

1. ‘Turn Up That Dial’

2. ‘L-EE-BOY’

3. ‘Middle Finger’

4. ‘Queen Of Suffolk County’

5. ‘Mick Jones Nicked My Pudding’


7. ‘Good As Gold’

8. ‘Smash Shit Up’

9. ‘Chosen Few’

10. ‘City By The Sea’

11. ‘I Wish You Were Here’

Meanwhile, it was confirmed last week that the band will continue their tradition of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a live performance, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The band will hold a live show, dubbed Still Locked Down, on March 17 at 7pm ET (11pm GMT). Although tickets will be free, fans will be encouraged to pay what they can to support both the band and their team.

« Instead of charging for tickets, we are going to ‘pass the virtual hat’ so you can donate whatever you want to help us in our efforts to continue paying our employees, » said singer Ken Casey.

In addition to last year’s St. Patrick’s Day live broadcast, Dropkick Murphys also gave a concert from Boston’s Fenway Park ballpark, which was empty. During the concert, Bruce Springsteen was relayed via a video link to perform with the band.