PAL-V, a company that markets a functional one, hires a reputable instructor

To drive it you need a driver’s license and a helicopter pilot

The 500,000 euros of the final invoice are still a problem

If you have a driving license, you should know that you already have half the degree you need to proudly drive one of the PAL-V flying cars. The second half of the job, the one you perhaps never thought you would need, is a helicopter pilot license. The Danish manufacturer is already aware of this situation, which is why it has its own flight school to facilitate this particular entry into the world of aviation.

The PAL-V is a car that does not go unnoticed. Whether for its sharp silhouette or the propeller that presides over its roof, this is a machine that combines the best of both worlds and that can become the perfect toy for those wealthy people who are willing to invest 500,000 euros in a difficult vehicle to forget.

When in air mode, it can travel up to 500 kilometers supported by two gasoline engines that deliver 200 horsepower, with a top speed of 180 kilometers / hour. When it lands, the propeller retracts and one of the engines cuts out, leaving the car with 100 horsepower, a speed of 100 km / hour and a range of 1,300 km between refuelings.

The prospect of driving a flying car can be a bit overwhelming if not digested well, hence PAL-V has the PAL-V FlyDrive Academy. It is a flight school so that those interested in a model acquire the necessary experience to obtain the permit in question. Now he has a luxury instructor: Phil Harwood.

Harwood has more than 6,000 hours of experience as a gyroplane instructor, which is why he is a true eminence of the sector. In fact, he has experience as an examiner in the United Kingdom and as President of the IAPGT, the International Association for Professional Instruction of Gyroplane. An entity that perhaps you did not know until today, but that can bring you closer to the dream of driving your own flying car.

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