Drivers who won after being penalized

Lewis Hamilton’s penalty for colliding with Max Verstappen at Silverstone would surely not have generated so much controversy had the Briton not won the race after completing it. It seems that the fact that the punishment did not prevent Lewis’s victory was what angered the Red Bull team the most.

However, Lewis was not the first to win after the penalty. And there have already been other occasions when drivers have won with more serious penalties.

Ayrton Senna 1993 Brazilian GP Stop & Go

In the 1993 Brazil race, local hero Senna lost qualifying to the pair Prost-Hill from Williams. Already at the start Ayrton was able to overcome Hill, but he couldn’t keep up with Prost’s rhythm and later he would even see how Damon he regained second place.

On lap 25 it looked like Senna had no chance of winning. Ayrton He had received a Stop and Go penalty for overtaking under yellow flags and, after fulfilling it, returned to the track in fifth position. However, the rain changed everything.

Ayrton was one of the first to bet on rain tires and outperformed Michael sSchumacher and pits. Prost, for his part, decided to keep rolling with slicks, which caused him to get out and leave Fittipaldi out of the race. When the numerous remains of the single-seaters were collected and the Safety Car left the track (it was only its second appearance in history!) Ayrton, as in the first lap, found himself in second position. And then he beat Hill for the second time in the race to win the grand prize.

Alain Prost 1993 German GP 10 seconds of Stop & Go

In 1993, the two candidates for the title won with penalty. And Alain Prost’s situation was even more complicated than that of Senna. The Frenchman prevailed in the Hockenheim classification, but failed at the start, immediately losing three positions.

The Professor had started to climb back, but almost crashed into the car of Martin Brundle, who had lost control. To dodge the collision, Dumbass trimmed the curve, for which he received a 10-second Stop and Go. The punishment, actually questionable, enraged Dumbass. The next day he called it scandalous, but there was no time for discussions during the race.

The penalty dropped to Dumbass to sixth place, but did not lose hope of winning. In Williams decided to do the whole race without pit stops, thanks to which a few laps from the end Alain he was second, behind his partner Hill. At the time, the future world champion was clearly less experienced than then-three-time champion Prost. Hill wore his tires before the finish and one of them blew out.

Damon he couldn’t even get to the pits, falling two laps from the finish line. And Prost rode to victory.

Michael sSchumacher 2002 French GP Drive Through

In 2002, Ferrari only lost races due to their own mistakes. When they came to Magny-Cours, those of Cavallino they had eight victories in 20 grands prix. In France, however, things were not so easy.

Juan-Pablo MontoyaWith Williams, he managed to snatch pole position from Schumacher by 0.023 seconds, and in the race he also stole the lead. Michael He was on the heels of his rival, but Magny-Cours was not the best place for overtaking. In the end, the German practically only had the option of undercut.

Having been faster than Montoya for two laps, Michael saw the time to enter the pits to try to come out ahead. However, he was in such a hurry that he crossed the white line upon leaving, for which he received a drive-through (passing through the pit lane) as a penalty.

The sanction pushed back Schumacher. However, at that time he was able to claim his fifth title and equal the record of Juan Manuel Fangio, hence Schumacher did not give up. In addition, after changing the tires the pace of Montoya dropped drastically.

As his rivals made their second pit stops, Michael I was advancing little by little. And at the end of the race he was second, just behind Kimi Raikkonen. Schumacher He didn’t have much of a chance of catching up with the Finn as Kimi was clearly on his way to his first win.

However, the Toyota of Alan McNish came on the scene. A failure in the engine of the British car caused an oil leak in the second corner. Raikkonen he was the first to get there and, as he passed over, he spun.

That allowed Michael to catch up and pass the young pilot. Schumacher won and secured the fifth title of his career.

Mark Webber 2009 German GP Drive Through

Webber’s first victory was as hard-working and demanding as his entire career. The Australian took pole in Germany, but was attacked by Rubens Barrichello at the exit. As I did not want to give up the advantage, Mark was touched and received a penalty for it. In addition, he could not defend the first place.

Despite all that, Webber got hooked on Barrichello, was second until the Brazilian’s pit stop, took the lead, pitted himself … and then was able to overtake Rubens on the track by being first again! However, he immediately went to serve the sanction.

The penalty dropped Mark to eighth place. However, the Australian’s pace was very good, and Barrichello had grip problems. As his rivals entered the pits, Webber regained positions and met Barrichello again, this time successfully.

In addition to the pace, the excellent tire work was working well for Mark. He made his second pit stop and was second again after that. And in front of him was Vettel, that hadn’t stopped yet. So when the German pitted, Mark took the lead and confidently led the race to his first career victory.

Jenson Button 2011 Canadian GP Drive Through

Accidents, a flat tire, becoming last, six starts from the safety car and a red flag race stoppage – it was the path to that victory, where Jenson Button experienced so much that a drive-through penalty seems like a trifle.

The conditions in Montreal were terrible: the downpour started the race after the Safety Car. And once it was, Button, who was seventh, could not make the curve and cut the chicane. With the Safety Car back on track (very soon), Jenson switched to intermediate tires. But before that he overspeed during the Safety Car and after a drive-through fell to 15th place. When he started to make up ground, the race was stopped due to heavy rain.

In the resumption, Button he was 10th and again he was one of the first to bet on the intermediate tires. Jenson wasted no time in wrestling with Fernando Alonso, which ended in one touch, the runway exit of the Ferrari and another appearance of the safety car. Button himself suffered a puncture and fell to 21st. However, after changing his tires, he quickly began to regain positions.

When the test was resumed, Button was able to return to the top 10 and, after a successful pit stop, was fourth. In front of Jenson was a trio made up of Vettel, Schumacher and Webber. Mark tried to pass Michael, but he skipped the chicane and had to re-enter. Then he did it again and let Button pass for third place. Jenson’s pace was so good that he passed Schumacher on the same lap, with three more to go.

On the final lap, Button was less than a second behind a Vettel who couldn’t handle the pressure. A mistake by the world champion at Turn 6 allowed Jenson to take the lead and win the race. And when he crossed the finish line he surely forgot a penalty that had not prevented him from winning.


As you can see, races have been won with penalties much higher than Hamilton’s in Great Britain. It is true that those penalties were not in such scandalous situations. But the fine itself is not exactly a driver should not deprive the right to win. Not because of it, but in spite of it.

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