Was it an accident or a deliberate act? Given this debate, users have commented on the collision of two seagulls, which occurred in the United Kingdom.

By: Web Writing

UK.- Indignation in social networks has caused the publication of a video showing a driver running over two seagulls.

The events occurred in a parking lot in the English town of Folkestone, on July 8.

In the video you can see a black vehicle picking up speed as it passes two seagulls, which remain on the pavement. The driver fled the scene.

As expected, the disapproval of the act was immediate social networks. Especially in light of the debate among users about whether the run over it was accidental or deliberate.

Some people proposed to report the facts to the police; For its part, the animal organization RSPCA has already shown interest in investigating the case.

(With information from RT)