Driver makes the wrong pedal and causes a crash in Torreón

Millennium Digital

Torreón, Coahuila / 02.20.2021 14:57:41

Damage to retaining posts, a pedestrian run over and damage to a parked vehicle were the balance of an accident where the person in charge pointed out that she had made the wrong pedal.

On Saturday morning, around 8:15 a.m., Nikol, 32, was driving a gray Nissan Platina on the University Avenue facing north to south.

When the driver crossed Jicorita Street, inside the Sol de Oriente neighborhood, lost control of the steering wheel and pointed out to Experts that instead of stepping on the brake, he stepped on the accelerator.

It was at that moment that he turned right and collided with a gray Ford Explorer truck that was properly parked.

Also due to the force of the impact, the truck was projected against the sidewalk, where ran over 30-year-old Héctor Gerardo, who was walking around the place.

The man ended up heavily injured, being treated by state paramedics and transferred to a city hospital in an ambulance.

The person responsible for the accident, who was unharmed, was taken to municipal cells, where she was admitted and at the disposal of the Public Ministry for the crime of driving while intoxicated.

In addition, his car was taken to the corralón, where it will remain until the owner pays the damage caused to the truck and to the retaining posts that were demolished, as well as the corresponding fines.