Drew McIntyre mentions several Superstars that he would like to see on the WWE RAW red mark.

As we previously reported, Wwe would be planning a new draft that would take place over the next few months to refresh the rosters of WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown. The current world champion of WWE, Drew McIntyre, has had the opportunity to be interviewed by Comicbook.com and has revealed a list of superstars that he would like to see make it to the red mark of Monday Night RAW.

«There are a couple of boys, Cesaro is on my list. I would love to have a great match with him. Braun Strowman and I have never had a big fight, just singles fights not as important. “

Also, McIntyre He also talked about his friendship with Sheamus and explained why an angle based on their personal relationship could lead to a rivalry between the two European superstars.

“Let’s go back a bit when I was about 18 or 19 years old. We have that big brother / little brother relationship. We were both hired on the same day, we came to America together, and we worked together when we were in development. The night I won the Intercontinental Championship, he won the World Championship. “

“Obviously his career has gone up from there, mine went down until I was fired. I think there is an interesting jealousy between the big brother and the little brother, there is a lot of history behind it, a lot of depth that the fans can enjoy, especially if Scotland takes on Ireland. We could do that at the bar again. “

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