Dreampop has been around from the late 1980s to the present day, and over the years has given us artists as old as Mazzy Star and Galaxie 500, or as recent as Wild nothing and Daydream. And if something is a constant in this genre, it is that soft, romantic atmosphere, and full of nostalgia that many of us have fallen in love with more than once.

That is why it is always a pleasure to meet new generations of musicians who enter this musical genre and turn it into a time machine for today’s youth. One of them is Gus Dapperton, a singer-songwriter from New York who in recent years has managed to stand out thanks to all the aesthetics and concept that revolves around his music, both physically and soundly.

Gus Daperton: Dream pop full of color, identity and a lot of DIY

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Gus Dapperton was born after a romantic breakup

Brendan Patrick Rice, better known as Gus Dapperton, was born on March 11, 1997 in the town of Warwick, New York. Although for much of his adolescence he had a curiosity to try the world of music, he did not It wasn’t until the age of 17 that Brendan decided to give it a try and take a big risk.

What if, Like all good stories, Gus Dapperton’s began with a great disappointment in life.: “My Mac failed, my ex was dating my friend, I had surgery. I was really down ”commented the American singer-songwriter in an interview in 2017, where he revealed that hitting rock bottom caused him to venture out create a character with whom he could express himself without fear of being judged for who he is.

Gus Daperton: Dream pop full of color, identity and a lot of DIYGus Daperton: Dream pop full of color, identity and a lot of DIY

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It was like this Gus Dapperton, Rice’s alter-ego, was born in 2014 than waving the DIY flag, and accompanied by musical sounds with strong influences from the 90s, as well as an aesthetic similar to the one he remembers from his early childhood years (that explains very well the mushroom cut and the colorful clothes), began his musical career.

The beginning was not easy, but neither was it complicated. The American singer-songwriter He began creating his songs in the comfort of his room to later upload them to platforms such as SoundCloud and YouTube, where his friends, acquaintances and neighbors were among the first to discover that new part of Brendan Rice where he was proud to be a ‘misfit’.

Success came pretty fast

Although a year later Gus Dapperton began to attract the attention of ‘indie’ music lovers who surfed the aforementioned platforms, It was in 2017 when the boy caught the eyes of alternative music critics thanks to the song “I’m Just Snacking”, a piece that was positioned as one of the anthems of the summer in the United States.

That not only happened because of the story reflected in the music video clip, which tells us the story of two soul mates who cannot be together due to the insecurities that overwhelm them. In fact, it had a lot to do with the rhythm, atmosphere and aesthetics that surrounded all of Gus Dapperton’s creation, belonging to his EP, Yellow and Such, released that same year.

Soon Gus Dapperton became one of the great references of dream pop and lo-fi in the United States. Many considered him as a musician who reinvented dream pop and besides, he was the example for all the young people who refused to be labeled as ‘something’ or ‘someone’ in particular.

By 2018, the also producer and model already had a known name in the industry, so much that in that year was wanted by a large streaming network to score one of his television series, which in that year were at their peak and on everyone’s lips. For better or worse.

You’ve probably heard it before thanks to Netflix

We know that nowadays series and movies stand out for choosing perfectly the songs that will set their stories to music. And yes, it is not a lie to say that Netflix is ​​one of the platforms that most tries to take care of these types of details in their productions, because they know how important it is that a song fits with the atmosphere they have created and transmits it through the screen.

In fact, the streaming company is so aware of it that in 2018 they invited Gus Dapperton to create a song for the series ’13 Reasons Why ‘, an adolescent drama that in addition to creating a controversy around suicide, also got the majority of its audience to turn their gaze to Dapperton, author of the track “Of Lacking Spectacle”.

Here in Mexico he already had a presentation in Mexico

With only two EPs under his arm, Gus Dapperton visited Mexico in the 2018 edition of Corona Capital, where we saw how the young promise conquered one of the stages of one of the most important and well-known festivals in our country and all of Latin America. One where the only rule to enjoy her presentation seemed to be to not be ashamed of who you are and to express yourself to the fullest.

Two years have already passed, time in which Dapperton has even released his first studio album, Where Polly People Go to Read (2019), and where he has been working on the second titled Orca, which has the production of Spike Stent –Who has worked with artists like Frank Ocean and Lady Gaga– and that will reach everyone’s ears on September 18.

Without a doubt, a musician that we must keep track of

Gus Dapperton is the perfect example of how young people can use technology to do new and wonderful things. Also, of how important and relevant it is to have a new generation of musicians who remind us of the importance of feeling that someone out there understands and listens to us as few times can. Unprejudiced.

We are not wrong in saying that This 23-year-old boy will be one of the musicians who in a few years will headline music festivals. Well, if at his young age and with his own means he has achieved everything he has, we cannot imagine what it will be like now that he begins to present more elaborate music and above all, accompanied by the daily and brutally honest lyrics to which he has accustomed us.