Dream job? You get paid $ 100 a day for doing nothing

«People rent me every day so I don’t do anything«Says a young Japanese man who receives thousands of applications. Shoji Morimoto started this business in June 2018 and his services are limited: « Eat, drink (responsibly, of course) and give simple answers. » Nothing else.

«I rent you a person (me) who does nothing. I always accept requests. You only have to pay 10,000 Japanese yen ($ 100), transportation costs from the station, and food and drink. Requests and inquiries by direct messages, « read his profile on social networks. At the end, emphasize: « I don’t do anything else other than eat, drink and give simple answers. » Every day you receive at least two or three requests.

Although their main job and niche is to do nothing, clients come to Morimoto with all kinds of requests.

The most common, Morimoto says in an interview given to BBC Mundo, is accompanying people who do not want to go shopping alone at the supermarket, someone who does not want to eat alone or take a look at a project that is being carried out person and need a second opinion.

But he also says that he was once hired to go to a train station and fire a person who was moving out of town. Another client requested his services to get him to the finish line of a marathon he was running to motivate him.

The curious way to earn his living has earned Morimoto tens of thousands of followers on social networks, a television program inspired by his business and he has even encouraged himself to write a book about his experiences with clients.

Since he started his business on June 3, 2018, Morimoto has already accumulated almost 270,000 followers on Twitter, the main platform on which he advertises his services.

His biography in this social network is simple and includes everything you need to know before hiring him. Almost three years after starting his particular business, Morimoto does not set limits and for the moment he is happy with what he does. Customers seem to be too.

“So far, clients seem to experience a positive mental change after hiring from me. They tell me that it is liberating to be able to talk to someone about things that they are not capable of saying to others. They feel better releasing things that weigh on them by themselves, ”says Morimoto.

At 37 years old, Morimoto gave an interview in which he explained the reason why he decided to create this particular way of making a living. According to him, after studying physics at a Japanese university and a postgraduate degree in earthquakes, he worked for some time in regular trades in which he did not stay long, explaining that none of them made him feel satisfied. Later, he tried to practice his profession independently, but did not obtain the expected results either. « That was when I concluded that maybe doing something was not good for me, » he said.

The Japanese is gratified by receiving applications every day and ensures that they never tire of accepting them. For now, he says that so far this activity is enough to keep himself well economically. « It amazes me that so many people find satisfaction in hiring someone who does nothing, » confesses Morimoto.