A modder has managed to translate one of the rarest games that Playstation has.

Loverscult games on playstationThey got a surprise last week when modders managed to launch the English translation of the classic titleLSD: Dream Emulatorexclusive to Japan in 1998. Inspired byreal dreams and psychedelic momentsIt is not surprising that the name took the hallucinogenic drug as a reference.

LSD: Dream Emulator from Asmik Ace Entertainment, offers what it promises, avoids the resources seen in most typical video games forimmerse players on a surreal journeyand dream about through changing landscapes, twisted and populated by strangersspooky creature molds. A curious experience for lovers of retro andtitles that are out of the ordinary.

The only objective is to advance through the dreams that become increasingly rareThe only objective of the game isexperience the dream of every nightand go ahead to see the next one. While there are dreams based on video and text, mosttake place in real-time 3D environments. The player is free to explore using the basic first person controls, but be careful not to touch any wall, object or NPC, becausethis will instantly teleportto another seemingly random dream landscape.

One of the strengths of LSD is that the more you play,the stranger the passages become in the game. Despite its great originality, in its day sales were not very buoyant, but over the years the titleacquired that category as abstract as it is cult. With the arrival of its English version, it is a good time to immerse yourself in the hallucinogenic experience it offers.

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