A failure of the Pirelli tires on the hard compound after a very long stint, put drama at the end of the race of the British GP. Lewis Hamilton won despite having a flat left front tire on the final lap. Valtteri Bottas and Carlos Sainz did not have the same luck due to the same problem. The podium was completed by Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc.

Here is the lap by lap of the British GP:

Courtesy return: All pilots start smoothly. Nico Hülkenberg does not make part of the race due to problems in the car.

Round 1: Start the race! Hamilton remains at P1. Clean game. Sainz wins the position over Stroll. Verstappen defends P3 against Leclerc’s attack. Lewis flying. He takes 1.3s off Valtteri.

Round 2: Safety Car. Magnussen out of the race. Play with Albon at the last corner. It was a ‘Hamilton’ like in Austria.

Round 3: Albon without problems in the car after the touch with Magnussen.

Round 4: Track attendants removing Magnussen’s car.

Lap 5: One more lap in the Safety Car. Albon begins to report vibrations in the car.

Round 6: The Safety Car leaves the track. The race resumes. The previous laps were key for the soft compound. Stretch the stint. Hamilton forward without a problem. Stroll doesn’t have an easy start. Ocon presses it.

Lap 7: Sainz in the P5 is the first with soft, he presses Leclerc. Albon in pits. Swap media for hard. The incident between Albon and Magnussen is under investigation.

Round 8: Hamilton moving 1.4s away from Bottas. Verstappen at P3 2.7s behind Lewis. Leclerc stabilizes the gap with respect to Sainz and follows P4.

Lap 9: Vettel on the P10 is pressed by Gasly from AlphaTauri. The German with soft and the French with means. Sebastian does everything to catch up with Ocon at P9.

Lap 10: Of the drivers wearing the soft compound, Sainz is the fastest with 1: 32.8. There is P5 the Spanish McLaren driver.

Lap 11: Bottas does everything he can to keep Hamilton from running away. Gap of 1.2s. Quick lap for the Finn.

Lap 12: Stroll passes Norris and climbs onto P7.

Lap 13: Safety Car. Strong collision of Daniil Kvyat. Lose the car in Maggotts-Becketts. Lash. He gets out of the car by his own means.

Lap 14: All the drivers in the pits except Grosjean. Kvyat hits F1’s camera while recording it.

Lap 15: Kvyat’s car is still on the side of the track. It takes a little time to remove.

Lap 16: Grosjean is the only one with a medium compound, with which he started the race. The rest changed to new hard.

Lap 17: There is still damage on the track. They are already retiring the car. Today the work of the assistants has taken longer than usual.

Lap 18: The drivers complain about the low speed of the Safety Car. On the next lap it will go off the track.

Lap 19: The race resumes. Ricciardo passes Sainz, then the Spaniard regains the position and so does Norris. Now Lando about Carlos. Albon with 5s penalty for collision with Magnussen.

Lap 20: Stroll goes to Ocon and e P9. Bottas sets the fastest lap and is 0.9s behind Hamilton.

Lap 21: Grosjean remains in the P5 although he has the pressure of Sainz. The Frenchman turns with the medium compound with which he started the race.

Lap 22: Bottas sets the fastest lap and is reluctant to let Hamilton escape. 1.0s gap.

Lap 23: Sainz passes Grosjean and takes the P5. The Spaniard complained about a change in direction by the Frenchman on the previous lap when he was going to overtake him.

Lap 24: Hamilton reacts and walks away from Bottas. Fast lap and gap of 1.6s.

Lap 25: Great pass from Norris to Grosjean. The British McLaren gets on the P6.

Lap 26: Black and white flag for Grosjean for misconduct. Race direction warning. The next is the black and mandatory withdrawal.

Lap 27: Ricciardo presses Grosjean for the P7. Räikkönen complaining about the rear tires. There is P16, penultimate.

Lap 28: Grosjean walks up to Norris. Gap of 1s. Bottas fast lap and is 1.6s behind Hamilton.

Lap 29: Norris leads the group by P6. He is closely followed by Grosjean, Ricciardo, Stroll, and Ocon.

Lap 30: Hamilton on a fast lap and stretches the gap with Bottas to 1.7s.

Lap 31: Albon in pits. Meet the 5s penalty and switch to used media. Under investigation Antonio Giovinazzi for violation of Safety Car regulations.

Lap 32: Bottas with quick turn. It is approaching 1.3s. Valtteri does not give up. Grosjean 0.9s behind Norris.

Lap 33: Now Hamilton with fast lap. The gap amounts to 1.7s. They take turns with Bottas.

Lap 34: Again Hamilton with the fastest lap is 1.8s away from Bottas. Verstappen at P3 8.7s behind Lewis.

Lap 35: Antonio Giovinazzi penalty of 5s for infraction of Safety Car regulations.

Lap 36: Ricciardo and Stroll move on to Grosjean. The French falls to P9.

Lap 37: Grosjean in pits. It falls to P17. He comes out with new hard.

Lap 38: Gasly passes Vettel and leaves the German Ferrari out of the points. Investigation for Grosjean for movement under braking, at the time Ricciardo passed him.

Lap 39: To 2.1s the difference between Hamilton and Bottas rises. Verstappen 10.4 behind Lewis and Leclerc in the P4 at 23s.

Lap 40: Hamilton again with the fastest lap. It’s already 2.7s on Bottas. Ocon presses Stroll for the P8.

Lap 41: Verstappen with the fastest lap. Every lap is key to further optimizing the RB16.

Lap 42: Ricciardo approaches Norris on the P6. Gap of 1.2s. Sainz, meanwhile, calmer in the P5, 1.6s behind his partner.

Lap 43: Hamilton keeps walking away from Bottas. 3.2s gap. A Lewis machine in sort mode.

Lap 44: Vettel spins 1.6s slower per lap than Hamilton. Much difference. Sebastian at P11, out of the points.

Lap 45: Albon passes Russell and now goes for Giovinazzi. The Thai in P13.

Lap 46: Albon passes Giovinazzi and now goes for Vettel. It has it at 6.2s. Ocon-Stroll duel for P8. The French does it. Recall that there are two protests pending from Renault to Racing Point for the RP20.

Lap 47: Albon sets the fastest lap. He has Vettel at 4.1s. It is at P12.

Lap 48: Albon continues to set the fastest lap. He has Vettel at 2.6s. Problems for Räikkönen with his front wing. The Finn pitted.

Lap 49: Gasly passes Stroll. Take the P9 from the Canadian. The performance drop is inexplicable.

Lap 50: Bottas problems with the left front tire. It falls to P4.

Lap 51: Bottas and Verstappen in pits. Max goes up to P2. Hamilton at 34s.

Lap 52: Last lap at Silverstone! Lewis Hamilton puncture. He wastes time with Max Verstappen, who has been marking the best sectors. Dramatic ending! Another puncture, this time for Carlos Sainz.

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) achieved victory in the British GP. 2nd Max Verstappen (Red Bull), 3rd Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), 4th Daniel Ricciardo (Renault), 5th Lando Norris (McLaren), 6th Esteban Ocon (Renault), 7th Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri), 8th Alex Albon (Red Bull) , 9th Lance Stroll (Racing Point), 10th Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari).

Max Verstappen recorded the fastest lap with 1: 27: 097 on lap 52 and takes an additional point according to the change in sporting regulations for this season.

2020 Great Britain Grand Prix Final Standings







V. Fast



Lewis Hamilton


1: 28.01.283




Max verstappen

Red bull

+ 5,856





Charles Leclerc






Daniel Ricciardo






Lando norris






Esteban Ocon






Pierre Gasly






Alexander Albon

Red bull





Lance Stroll

Racing Point





Sebastian Vettel





Drivers without points:


Valtteri Bottas



George Russell




Carlos Sainz




Antonio Giovinazzi *

Alfa Romeo



Nicholas latifi




Romain grosjean




Kimi raikkonen

Alfa Romeo

+ 1 turn

I do not finish:


Daniil Kvyat



Kevin Magnussen


Did not start:

Nico Hülkenberg

Racing Point

*. Penalty 5 seconds for breaking Safety Car regulations.