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Four days after he was arrested for crimes against minors, the singer and actor Drake Bell posted on his Twitter account: “I need a tattoo in CDMX !! Who can do it? ”, Which provoked questions from Internet users who accused him of seeking asylum in Mexico to escape justice in their country.

On June 4, Los Angeles authorities detained him and paid 1,500 dollars in bail to regain his freedom, in addition to receiving a restraining order against the alleged victims. On June 23, he pleaded guilty in a hearing via Zoom, in which he pleaded guilty to two crimes: attempting to endanger a minor (considered a serious offense in the fourth degree) and spreading matters harmful to children ( misdemeanor in the first degree).

Although the sentence, which will be defined in July, could be up to 18 months in prison, the singer continues to be active on his social networks normally, tweeting and broadcasting live via Instagram, where his Latino followers mostly comment on him. positive.

Almost forgotten in the United States, where he went from selling 178 thousand copies with his first album, It´s only time, in 2006 to only two thousand with the third, Ready, steady, go! In 2014, Bell found in Mexico the opportunity to explode your career.

In terms of concerts, in his country he performed in small venues, while here they received him in places such as the National Auditorium and the Monterrey Arena, two of the most important venues in the country, where he performed in 2008 with sold-out crowds.

That visit was followed by a series of presentations in important venues such as the Lunario and the Foro Sol, where in 2014 it convened 75 thousand people.

The affection of Mexican fans began since he participated in the Nickelodeon series Drake and Josh. Thanks to his character, he became one of the most beloved on the internet for the memes of his dialogues in Spanish that went viral as the case of the famous “hey, quiet old man.”

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In 2014, after one of his visits to promote Ready, steady, go !, he conquered the public after attending national TV programs. From that moment on, his expressions of affection towards our culture became more frequent. He constantly published tweets and Instagram stories where he spoke Spanish and in 2019 he sang a fragment of Cielito lindo at the Telehit Awards.

His acceptance reached such a degree that in his subsequent visits he was invited to morning programs not exactly the profile of his followers, where he even sang and danced La bamba with Maribel Guardia.

On November 17, 2019, Drake Bell surprised by announcing that all his tweets would be in Spanish. Immediately, Mexican followers filled him with praise and positive comments, and they celebrated that the singer expressed his love for Mexico in that way.

Images of a 500 peso bill with his face and a voter ID under the name of “Drake Campana” with address in the State of Mexico, were some of the memes with which he made his commitment to be closer to Mexicans official .

After receiving so many positive comments on his networks, he released two songs with the title and choruses in Spanish, Slow Fire and Goddess, with which he conquered the Spotify charts in the country.

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Four of the five cities where his music is most consumed are Mexican: CDMX tops the list with 81 thousand 505 monthly listeners, followed by Guadalajara and Puebla with 25 thousand 594 and 15 thousand 053 respectively; Lima 9 thousand 978, and Monterrey with 9 thousand 564.

Before the pandemic, he was going to perform in Querétaro with a tour entitled Drake Campana Tour and for this July 29 he had a presentation scheduled at the Monterrey Pavilion Auditorium next to Lasso, Marco Mares and LÚa, which was also suspended.

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