Dragon Quest Rivals, the Dragon Quest card game for the Nintendo Switch will receive a big update in the month of August, which, among its novelties, includes a name change in the title that will be called Dragon Quest Rival Ace. The announcement is accompanied by its own trailer.

In addition to the name change, new content for the now Dragon Quest Rivals Ace will include a single player adventure mode as well as new card packs. The game launched in Japan in February 2019 for free on Nintendo Switch after passing through mobile phones although there don’t seem to be any plans yet for it to cross the pond west.

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Dragon Quest Rivals Ace is a collectible card game in the style of other digital titles such as Hearthstone but setting in the Dragon Quest universe counting on the presence of known characters, monsters or abilities in the veteran JRPG franchise. It can download free from the Japanese eShop with a Japanese Nintendo account but the game not available in a language other than Japanese. If you are still curious to know how it works, take a look at the commented gameplay that we made shortly after its departure.