Dragon Ball Z could be Zack Snyder’s new project

Zack Snyder seems ready to stir up controversy wherever he goes. After the phenomenon of the Snyder Cut of The League of Justice, and raising some other controversy with the Netflix movie The Army of the Dead, it seems that he already has some ideas for the future.

As he commented in an interview with Youtuber Tyrone Magnus, the director “would be open to the idea” of adapting Dragon Ball Z. The legendary anime, a favorite of generations and turned into a classic, could be the “eventual and future” project for Zack Snyder.

Of course, it is not clear if this is a real project or one of Snyder’s many ideas in full creative steam. Snyder enjoyed complete plot and visual freedom in Army of the Dead, which was met with mixed reviews. The bizarre zombie epic, combining a heist movie and some drama lines, confirmed that Snyder enjoys wacky projects.

Along the same lines, there is what could be the definitive adaptation of Dragon Ball Z in a live action version. As he responded to the YouTuber, “I would consider” it as an option. “I would definitely do an anime remake or live action. That would be fun because I love animation and I watch it frequently. I watch a lot of anime with my son, who is too young to watch it, but we watch it anyway. ”

That elusive undated project for Zack Snyder

To the question of whether the future project would have any definite direction, style or form part of Snyder’s growing creative drive, there was no clear answer. Magnus even asked the director if he would consider the film as part of “a world similar to that of Sucker Punch.” As you will remember, the 2011 film had a style very similar to that of an anime to use and caused a stir for its aesthetics. However, for Snyder the project of a future Dragon Ball Z would be specific and he made it clear that he is serious about it.

Of course, for now, this is a mere abstract possibility. After signing a substantial contract with Netflix, Snyder is dedicated to at least two more projects with the platform. One of them includes the creation of two anime prequels of Army of the Dead, in which the universe narrated in the film will expand. On the other hand, he is working on an animated series completely inspired by Norse mythology. So, at least in the medium term, the curious Dragon Ball Z project is not part of their plans.

A short history of disagreements with the cinema

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Dragon Ball Z has had at least four live action adaptations, most from its extensive and loyal fan base. In 1989, Dragon Ball: Magic Begins was released locally, which adapts the first anime movie. On December 12, 1990, Dragon Ball: Goku Fight! and Goku Win! based on the original story of the popular animation.

Hollywood also made an unfortunate attempt to adapt the series. On April 10, 2009, James Wong’s Dragon Ball Evolution hit American screens. With fierce criticism and a disappointing box office, I derail any future attempts at an adaptation of the series. However, the intentions of Snyder – who achieved the phenomenon of bringing his own version on a film already released – could change things.

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