The moment has arrived. It is time to analyze one of the most mythical episodes in anime history, chapter 95 of Dragon Ball Z, with the marvelous transformation of Son Goku in Super saiyan. Is it as good as we remember or not?

The truth is that it is an episode that is not without filler and some error that we will comment, a real shame for a delivery that should have been perfect (or at least it was so on the retina of millions of fans around the world).

However, if we start to analyze this chapter coldly, we will see that it cannot reach the honor registration objectively, since we are not facing a product without errors.

Before you run to look at the note, we advise you to read the text and be surprised at the end, and later, leave us your opinion in the comments section, with the note that you would have put. The truth is that the episode starts with Gohan and Krillin looking at the horizon of planet Namek, a landscape that has changed after the explosion of the Super Genkidama of Son Goku. It seems that Freezer he has been defeated with the tremendous attack! But will Goku have survived and Piccolo?

Of course, although much of the blame lies with Piccolo, who manages to rescue Goku at sea, a saiyan who is totally exhausted after the fight against the galactic tyrant. The joy is drawn on the faces of Gohan and Krillin when they see the two warriors appear in the distance. Everything is over! Now, look for Bulma to return to planet Earth.

Here is where the problems start. The original plot is weighed down with the eternal filling of the Ginyu forces on the planet of Northern Kaioh (And there are already a few episodes, what a heaviness!). At least, we are facing the last intervention of these warriors, because Ten Shin Han, Yamcha and Chaoz they will be able to defeat Jeice, Burter, Recoome and Guldo respectively, throwing them into the bloody pool of hell. What a rest!

After these inconsequential minutes, the episode finally summons us to Namek, where we see a worried Krillin, very shocked … The earthling terrifies a mound in the distance … This is Frieza, the emperor of evil has survived to Goku’s attack!

As you could imagine, he has returned with more rage than ever, ready to end these warriors who have put him in so much trouble. And the first victim is … Piccolo, whose chest is pierced by one of Frieza’s death rays!

Gohan screams, out of breath, seeing his friend’s limp body on the ground. Is he really dead? But there is no time to breathe, Frieza wants more blood, his revenge is served on a very cold plate, and it does not even cross his mind to finish Son Goku first. How could he do it without forcing him to watch his friends die earlier? So the next victim is Krillin, the saiyan’s best friend (and if there had been a third, there is no doubt that it would have been Gohan, to further destroy the saiyan). We leave you with one of the anime’s most remembered deaths, frame by frame:

Goku, the pure-hearted saiyan, can’t take it anymore. Seeing Piccolo fall like that leaves him paralyzed, but watching Krilín, his best friend, explode in a thousand pieces at the hands of Frieza’s telekinetic powers … It’s too much, even for a warrior with such a calm soul. Son Goku, after many years restraining himself, immerses his pristine heart in golden, incandescent and angry light, unleashing an explosion of legendary and primitive energy. It is the awakening of Super saiyan, history of the manganime and legend of popular culture. And now, a gallery of the moment, step by step:

Dragon Ball Z chapter 95 - Analysis and curiosities with the transformation of Goku into Super Saiyan

The Super Saiyan has finally been born, a being of light that will try to protect the entire universe from any threat. Gohan cannot believe what his eyes see, and without hesitation, he listens to his father, who forces him to take Piccolo to a safe place and go far away from there. Frieza, for the first time, loses control of his icy emotions. A new fight begins. The legend begins.


1- When Goku transforms into Super Saiyan, Bulma sees in the distance an aura whose giant form resembles that of the Super Saiyan, thus magnifying the effect of what is happening in the area.

2- Here we can see a graphic error, with the failed clothing colors in Son Goku. It is not the first time this has happened, nor will it be the last.

3- The bonds of friendship that Earthlings have strengthened in Namek are evident. These two images that we have captured symbolize it perfectly. Does Dragon Ball not teach values, Torishima?

Buf! What a nostalgic adventure, right? We are undoubtedly facing one of the best moments of the franchise of Akira Toriyama. It has been a real pleasure to analyze this episode for all of you.

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Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the analysis? Do you agree with the note? Did this episode rock you in the 90s? Have you aged well or badly? Kai, Kai!


A legendary episode, as much as the Super Saiyan that awakens in the last bars of it. We are dealing with a pure manganime story, and it hurts that the filler penalizes the global mark. Despite everything, a must see of shonen and Japanese animation in general. It is the typical episode that catches new fans and marks generations.

The best

The direction. Managing tension and drama. The awakening of the legendary Super Saiyan. It is the history of Japanese animation and pop culture.


The filling of the Ginyu Forces, inconsistent and inadmissible in such an episode. Leftover, and a lot.