We know you are a big fan of Dragon ball and that you love the official shirts and caps of the series, don’t you? In fact, we are sure that you have ever opted to buy a garment of Goku and his friends that it was not official, simply because you liked the artist’s design, right? Well, today we bring news that will not leave you indifferent.

Many of you will already know the brand Capslab, and it is that in recent months they have risen to fame for their caps Dragon ball, which have caused a furor among fans of the series (including Messi, without going any further).

Well, new models have already been released for the next campaign, once the situation is normalized around the world. So, while we should wait a little longer, we can already take a look at the new designs.

We have discovered these new articles thanks to the friends of Red Ribbon Dragon Ball, who have shared them on their social networks. Thus, not only will new official caps of Goku boy, Vegetto wave Kame House, but also T-shirts with the designs we see on the caps. For you to go together at the top!

Hopefully the only new wave to come is that of Dragon Ball merchandising, which we have suffered enough to date. What items would you like to see on the market? Tomorrow we will return with a new Z installment where we will show you something … delicious!

You can now register at Disney + in Spain. If you do, you will have a free trial week during which you can see all its contents without any problem.

What do you think of these new caps and shirts in the series? What is your favorite? Thank you very much for reading and take good care of yourselves, warriors Z warriors. Kai, Kai!