By Rodolfo León
05/26/2020 1:54 pm

The fans of Dragon ball No doubt many important messages have been carried from the series, but there are people who believe that the adventures of Goku and his friends don’t make sense. In fact, one of the manga’s own editors believes so, saying that our hero was nothing more than an adrenaline junkie who just wanted to “fight it out.”

Recently the author Derek Padula He published an article on his website that caught the attention of fans. This writer, who frequently focuses on Dragon Ball, translated an interview conducted into Kazuhiko Torishima, one of the original publishers of the franchise. Here, Padula reveals to us what Torishima I was thinking about Dragon Ball, declaring that the work of Akira Toriyama it had no meaning.

The publisher believed that the beginnings of Dragon ball were fine but it all started to get worse at the end of the saga of Pilaf. This frustration led to Torishima to do more research on other popular manga, specifically what made them so popular. Fist of the North Star turned out to be a good example, but eventually decided to leave Dragon ball on the side, convincing himself that the saga should maintain that “ridiculous tone” so that it would sell well:

“It was there that I decided to make Dragon Ball a meaningless work. There is nothing you can learn from reading Dragon Ball. It is not a life lesson, it is useless to us; it’s just a fun comic. And that’s fine! ”

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